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How to The Causes and remedies for smartphone overheating

How to The Causes and remedies for smartphone overheating

One of the problems with smartphones is that they get very hot in the middle of use. There are several reasons why smartphones get hot. However, excess heat can cause danger. So we need to know the cause and solution of our smartphone overheating. The Causes and remedies for smartphone overheating

How hot is normal:

Your phone gets hotter because it’s less expensive, that’s not right. Normally a smartphone can heat up to 35-48 degrees Celsius. However, even in standby mode, if the phone is heated to 35-48 degrees Celsius, then you will understand that there is a problem with your phone.


Mobile companies are currently thinning smartphones day by day. However, the battery technology is not much better than that. The weaker the battery, the more heat the phone will generate. The phone also gets hotter while charging or discharging the battery.


One of the reasons why smartphones get hot is that the processor gets hot. As many of you may know, the main part of a smartphone is the processor. A processor is a device that always works. Whether you use the phone or not. Processors are made of tiny electrons. The processor is attached to the body of the smartphone causing heat to be felt.

Weak network:

Another reason the phone gets hot is the weak network. If the network is weak on your phone then the signal goes and comes. Again using WiFi is to get a lot of speed for the signal. After too much pressure on the phone for a weak network, which causes the smartphone to overheat.

Ways to get rid of smartphone overheating:

Always make sure that the phone is charged. Don’t run too many apps at once. Keep an eye on whether additional apps on the phone are taking up more space in the background. It is not right to use the smartphone too much or play extra games on the phone.

Always keep RAM and cache memory clean. Delete unnecessary messages. Turn off any animation on the phone. Use a cover on the phone as if the cover is leather. Make sure that the phone does not get hot in the outside heat.

Always refrain from using Wi-Fi. Also, data should not always be turned on.


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