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Ways to hold the charge of the smartphone

Ways to hold the charge of the smartphone

Smartphones are not limited to just talking. So there is always something to be done besides talking on a smartphone. Such as chat, video calling or mail check, etc. As a result, the battery of the phone runs out quickly. However, there are several practical ways to increase the battery life of the phone. Ways to hold the charge of the smartphone

Phone features that need to be turned off:

Bluetooth, Wi-Fi: Turn on Wi-Fi if needed. When Wi-Fi is on even when out of range, the phone keeps looking for signals for Wi-Fi, resulting in battery consumption.

Animation: Turn off the animation of all applications.

Mobile data: Turn off mobile data in case the mobile can be switched off due to the low charge in the battery. Even if the internet doesn’t work at that time, at least the phone will be on for a while longer.

Location service: Turn on location service when needed, otherwise turn it off. Because if it is on, the battery consumption will also be higher.

All you have to do is reduce the brightness of the screen: the charge of the mobile for the screen ends quickly. The brighter the screen and the higher the resolution, the higher the battery consumption. For this, use to reduce the screen brightness. You can also select auto-mode for brightness. Because this mode keeps the sensors of the mobile on all the time and the battery runs out quickly.

Screen Timeout: The shorter the screen time out of the phone, the longer the battery will last. So you can reduce the timeout of the screen.

Use of camera and video: Use the camera and video wisely if the phone battery is low. Understand that if the phone gets too hot, the battery is consuming fast and it needs rest.

Features to stay away from Vibration: Vibration consumes more battery. So keep it inactive.

Live wallpaper: It is better to use dark color wallpaper instead of living wallpaper.

Widgets: Widgets are larger icons than small ones. It takes up a lot of space on the screen. For example- weather or Facebook or Twitter widgets. These are updated automatically, so more battery consumption. Instead of having more apps on the phone’s home screen, place fewer apps inside the app menu.

Multiple antiviruses: Do not use multiple antiviruses on the phone. Many people think that more than one antivirus will make the phone healthier. But this will also cost more battery.

Uninstall unused apps in apps: Uninstall apps that consume more battery or are not used.

Just close the app: Pressing the home button does not close the app. It just goes into the background and consumes a battery. So it is vital to close the app via Exit.

Auto Update: Many Android apps often take updates. As a result, data consumption as well as battery consumption. It is also affordable to turn off auto-updates.

Use of bookmarks: Always bookmark some sites in the browser instead of opening the app or downloading the app. This will save the battery of the mobile.



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