Why Padma river? Why the river Brahmaputra?

Why Padma river? Why the river Brahmaputra?

One of the unnecessary and useless debates in the Bengali language is the river vs. river debate. I have heard the question from birth, I have tried to find out the answer by searching, I have found a square egg of maroon color with the proof of a medium-size light pink color horse.
I have seen in one place that if there is a girl-girl smell in the name, it is a river and if there is a boy-boy smell, it is a river. Feminine names are Padma, Meghna, Jamuna, Surma, or river; The names Purushali are Kopotaksh, Brahmaputra, Arial Khan, Turag, Baleshwar, or the river. Which river, which river if the sexual odor is the measure; If that is the case, Mathabhanga, Kalijira, Kacha Namdhari – river, or river? What is the name of ‘Hijla’ flowing in the Barisal division?

I have read somewhere — those that have branches, that is, have children; They are rivers, and those that do not have branches or children are rivers. I found out that the Brahmaputra is called a river; There are seven tributaries of the Brahmaputra called Dibang, Lohit, Dhansindri, Kameng, Raydak, Jaldhaka, Teesta (there may be more); Even after having seven children, the river Brahmaputra remained, the river is no more!

Why Padma river? Why the river Brahmaputra?

The river Brahmaputra is supposed to be a river because of its masculine name, and the river is supposed to be a river because of its branches. If someone has the characteristics of both sexes, we call him or her the third sex or heterosexual. According to grammar scholars, is the Brahmaputra something hijra? Is the Brahmaputra shady? If you want, another debate can be raised: Did Brahmaputra become pregnant after giving birth to seven children, or is she pregnant?

I think it is useless to worry about rivers and streams. Animals have sex, not water or water bodies. If you call all of the rivers without dragging them with the penis, then letha chukka. Maybe one of the poets went to write a rhyme on a lazy afternoon and wrote the river as a river because he could not match the rhythm with the bad or the wine. Maybe he wrote: Today I will be drunk, give me wine; I will drink alcohol and drink it in the river! I don’t think he still needs to pay for that laziness that afternoon.

Why Padma river? Why the river Brahmaputra?


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