Love story

Arrogant Crying is a love story

Arrogant Crying is a love story

I opened the TV and looked at the news scroll. Road accident at Karwan Bazar intersection. At that moment the whole body awoke with fear.

Writing goes to the office that way. Did nothing happen to him? I ran and took the mobile phone and wrote on the phone. I think it has been ringing for eternity. No Ansar! I called again with trembling hands.


Are you alright Hearing his voice, I think I got back to life!

Why, what happened to me again? I’m at the meeting. I don’t understand why you call during office hours. Tell me a little early.

No, don’t say anything.

Okay, hour by hour.

How cruel writing has become nowadays. I don’t call him without a lunch break, if I could explain to him how much tension I have today. Was it necessary to use such a rough? I also call every day during lunch. He doesn’t want to say anything until he knows if he ate.

He never wants to know where I have eaten. Coming from the office is sometimes between eight and nine o’clock in the evening. I’m not angry, I don’t fight. Just one day I thought I would not talk to him.

But I could not hold this pride for long. He was busy with the official file that day, he didn’t even notice if I was talking. He was not like that. The love of our varsity life. There was a lot of planning about marriage. I will cook new ones and feed him. He will appreciate whatever he eats. No matter how busy we are, we will talk a lot after coming from the office.

And I will go on holiday somewhere far away. We have passed engineering together.

But thinking I can’t give time to my family, I decided not to work. I wanted to sort out the world first and then think about those jobs. Her new career, if I am not by her side, will she be able to take so much pressure? It was going to be three months of his job, now he can’t find me anywhere in his busy schedule. Still waiting.

Maybe the day will come when our dreams will come true.

One o’clock, it’s time for lunch, would it be right to call again? I made the phone call between the two.

Limit, I’m in an emergency meeting, please don’t call again and again.

Did you have lunch

No, it will be too late.

When to eat? The body will be bad.

Oops, why don’t you try to understand my situation? Now I will eat when my meeting is over. Bye.

Unknowingly the mind got wet with tears. Can’t I really be his worthy wife?

I cried all day. It doesn’t feel good to share with anyone.
If anyone underestimates our love! Love marriage is not happy – if someone leaves me in this example!

I don’t like it at all. He told me he had to be very busy until the job was permanent.
I have to be patient, I understand, but I think he could not give me a little more time?

Collingbell’s sound woke me up, oh, I was startled to look at the clock. It’s five o’clock. But now who came again? I was surprised to see the door open, write!

You? So soon?

I love you, my dear wife!

You mean, like, saltines and their ilk, eh? And why do you have so many roses in your hand?

For you, don’t you remember? What date is today? How did you forget the date of our first meeting today?

Sorry, I didn’t remember, but how did you remember?

You know, I can’t think of anything else until I’m done while I’m at work, there was an assignment, I presented today, everyone appreciated it, my job is permanent with promotion from next month!


Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT ain’t for me either. You never know how much I love you, I can’t express myself like that. You are very proud of me, aren’t you? Sorry… Well, how do I know you’re sorry to grant me? Get ready quickly.

I will have dinner outside today, candlelight dinner.

I don’t know why I started crying uncontrollably, I cried a lot after suffering all day and now I am crying again with endless joy. What do I say to write? I felt very selfish. I thought for so many days, I got cost for no reason.

What happened, why are you crying so much? Now, what happened to cry again?

I couldn’t say anything, I just whispered, I love you so much and will always live.

Arrogant Crying is a love story


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