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The story in romantic greed rehabilitates love

The story in romantic greed rehabilitates love

Sami first saw Maliha at gate number three on campus. Cigarette in hand, loudly threatening a man with a sore throat.

Out of curiosity, the incident came to light when the man saw Maliha smoking a cigarette and said from the side, ‘Does a girl eat bidi like this? There will be anger. ‘

Maliha is angry and yells at the man.

Sami looked at the scene with fascination. After 10 minutes, when everyone was gone, he suddenly realized that his life was in vain if he did not see the annoyed face of this anger again.

Sami was shocked when he went to look for Maliha. The girl’s upbringing with the most lafanga group of the university. Maliha stays with the boys most of the day, even late into the night. Talking to boys like that, it was something Sami could never have imagined. But he joined the team only to get Maliha’s company.

Samir has also had a solid place in the team in three months. If you don’t go to the chat, the phone comes from the party. Sami also gives them time.

One evening, as everyone was leaving, Sami suddenly found Maliha alone. Like photographers, this is the ‘perfect moment to catch’.

Maliha is looking out the window with a bored look. Sami looked into Maliha’s eyes like a calm dighi and said, ‘Listen, I’ve been wanting to tell you something for a long time. ‘

Maliha looked at him for a moment and laughed. Said, ‘I know what to say. You fell in love with Ganjutti, didn’t you? ‘

The story in romantic greed rehabilitates love

Sami gasped and said, ‘I wouldn’t say that if I saw myself with my own eyes. You are a very beautiful girl. So talented, so Mayawati! I can’t cover it with these intoxicants. ‘

Maliha looked at him with deep eyes and said, ‘I know why my insides always feel empty. That void is not filled with anything. It only takes a little flurry to get drunk. And the house feels so depressing …. ‘

—‘Give me a chance, I’ll show you there are many ingredients to be happy in life. ‘

One night three months later, Maliha fell asleep with the text ‘I wish I could see you’ to Sami. Half an hour later Samir woke up to the ringtone.

‘Come to Maliha Verandah’

Maliha was half asleep and was shocked to see Sami riding her bike on the street in front of her house at 3 o’clock at night.

Maliha came down normally after the slipper of the house. Everyone in the house is fast asleep. Sami thinks Maliha will really come down. He said in surprise,

‘What is it? What will happen to you if you get caught? ‘

No one will wake up before 8 o’clock. And what if you get up? I will not lose tonight. Let’s go. Maliha sat on the bike saying that she will escape today.

The two bikes rode around Dhaka all night. In the morning, the bike ran towards Arichar. While eating parota-dimvaji at a hotel in Aricha Ghat, Maliha said, “You know, stay away from weeding for the last three months, I haven’t smoked a cigarette!”

Sami glared at Maliha and put his hand on her head.

– I don’t feel empty anymore. You have removed all the imperfections of my life. ‘

Sami looks deeply at Maliha.

Maliha says, ‘Before I was alive, I used to think it was a problem, but now life feels different because you are here. ‘

Holding Samir’s hand to his chest, Maliha said, “No matter what happens, always hold onto our love.”

When Maliha returned home at noon, all her relatives had gathered inside the house. As soon as his eyes went to her, the working girl started screaming. He picked up the whole house and said, “It has been found in Apar.” Everyone is looking at Maliha with inquisitive eyes.

Dad came forward first. Where were you at night? Today, being the daughter of this house, I have mixed everyone’s values ​​in the dust of the path of honor !!!

Unresponsive Maliha went to her room in front of everyone.

But who has ruined the whole house !!!

The mother came and informed that many cannabis-filled cigarettes and some yaba tablets were found in her house. The whole house is fighting over this.

– Why did you do that? The mother’s words are wailing. Your father forbade you to go out.

Maliha said she had given up. But he also knows that from now on no one will believe him.

From that day onwards, Malihar became as sad as before. Everyone in the house is looking at him with suspicion. The gate of the house has a new lock and a new doorman. All ways out are blocked.

One week later, Maliha wakes up and finds herself in an unfamiliar bed. A young woman is sitting next to him in another similar bed. Maliha ran like an idiot and started knocking loudly on the door. The girl next door said annoyed,

‘Why are you doing that? No profit? Can’t get out of here. ‘

‘Where am I? How did I get here? ‘

The girl stared at Maliha with a blank stare. He paused and said,

‘It’s a drug rehabilitation center. ‘

Maliha was surprised and said,
‘Who brought me here? I went to bed last night too. ‘

‘Your father left you this morning. ‘

The inside of Maliha’s head looked empty.

It’s been almost a month since I died here. Now Maliha wakes up every day with an unbearable disgust towards life. He thinks that he will never get out of this black hole.

One day his parents came to visit. Mother was crying. Maliha said with a stone face,

‘There’s no need to just cry. Go home and sleep. ‘

The parents looked at each other with wide eyes as if a madman was sitting in front of them.

The girl named Nisha in the next bed is now his only partner. The girl stared blankly most of the time, but I know why Maliha thinks the girl can only understand him.

Maliha meditation class on Wednesday. Everyone was released at 10 pm. Exhausted, he pushed open the door. The lights were off. In the dim light coming from the corridor, Maliha saw the most horrible scene of her life. Nisha’s body is hanging with a fan with a scarf wrapped around her neck.

Malihar does not have the power to shout. It was as if something unseen was holding his mouth, not letting him breathe.

This time Maliha became really mentally ill. He is no longer recognizable. The body is broken. The eyes are closed. There is no shadow of life. He stared at the fan day and night and tried to erase the image of Nisha hanging from his mind. He thinks that as long as he doesn’t hang himself in the fan, this picture will not stay in his mind.

I think to myself – well does Sami know that he is a prisoner here? If he had known, he would have come to rescue him. Malihar also ran out of energy to wait for Sami. One night he made the ultimate decision of his life. What a surprise !! That night he fell asleep.

He dreamed that he and Sami were sitting in a boat in a storm. Sami held his hand tightly and said, ‘hold onto our love’.

Early the next morning, Maliha climbed to the roof of the rehabilitation center barefoot. Wondering if I could see Sami now; This desire for life has kept him alive till now. Both storms and wars are on Maliha’s mind. He lost at one point.

The road in front of the rehabilitation center was very crowded by 8 am. Everyone is looking at one another. Next to the police car. By the time Sami pushed the crowd into the crowd, Maliha’s blood-stained frozen body was ready for the final journey of rehabilitation. The young police officer is running around to get the postmortem paper signed.

In front of Samir’s eyes, Maliha was wrapped in a dirty sheet and taken to a van. The car started running on the way to Dhaka Medical College.

The story in romantic greed rehabilitates love



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