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Some true stories about love-1

Some true stories about love-1

Jobs 5 days a week. 2 days off. I just finished university life. I slept in class before; Now after eating AC in the boardroom, I sleep on the sofa wrapped in leather cushions and browse the wiki. And one of the two days of the holiday goes to teach maths to a friend, And another day he goes to school and college friends to play twelve heads.
Like other Saturdays of the week, I went to teach Arnab Math today. Sugar for a long time; Not just teaching; There are also lots of stories; And the carrot pudding in Aunty’s hand (Yammieeeeeee) which is given with it on top of it, who leaves teaching when he gets such carrot pudding ??). During the study, we were talking to different friends; Everyone has finished undergrad and now goes for a master’s or job. As the stories shifted to the ongoing marriage or love of friends, he said, “Nowadays, making love is a matter of status. When there is no one with you, it becomes a question of honor.”
That is largely true. Due to the fact that both of us are acquainted with a lot of children, we have seen such incidents. 75% are like that. However, I still believe in this strange thing called love because I have had the good fortune to see the true love story of some strange couple in my fortune.
During the Mughal period, Emperor Shah Jahan built the Taj Mahal to immortalize the memory of his love. When I saw the Taj Mahal, I thought, “How many people are there?”
Some true stories about love-1
Abir is one of my favorite childhood friends. Greatly talented and multipurpose. He had no equal to make any civil statement obscene. Abir, Farzana, Rakib, and I; Not to mention the way the four of us spent our undergrad lives together. I, Abir, and Rakib are school friends; Even after leaving school, the friendship was as intact as ever. And Farzana, “the queen” of our group, the woman for whom our Abir changed 180 degrees and became a good boy.
The story of their identity is seen with my own eyes. Their identity is after HSC for all of us; Before the admission test. Thanks to the reception of Grameen Phone and GPA 5 (even better, GP’s network is bad towards the internet but this is also a blessing in their life !!). 4 at the end of the admission test; Abir at IUT; I was admitted to BUET, Rakib Medical, and Farzana Law. See everyone once a month; Abir and Rakib arrive from outside Dhaka as soon as they get a public holiday and we all gossip together. I and Rakib “da trop”, cut 2 between two roses; And they are in love.
I never believed in love. I started after seeing them. Abir is a great example of how a boy can change for the better in real love life. At one time, he wanted to be beaten because of obscene jokes in “Shalatare”. But I don’t know what happened to Farzana’s touch; There was such a change in his nature that I began to imitate him personally. I can be proud today that some good qualities in life have been coming to me from around this “yeah” in the last few years of undergrad.
He was always a good student; But after Farzana came, she became very serious. Consequences; Very good result in the department. Others say that is why he studied. I love to say Rakib, “No, he loved, so.”
Rakib and I both seem to have had the best time of our undergrad life with them. Hang out together, ride a CNG, book fair or chat; Or hang out at Arabians; Or walking along the glittering streets at night shopping malls to buy their groceries; Sometimes we envy them or sometimes we bow our heads in respect for the devotion of 2 people … In this way, we have had the good fortune to spend 4 years together in a very beautiful way.
It would have cost to see Abir after Farzana went to London to complete her barrister studies. I saw him go away with great stress. After Farzana left, many of us noticed her sadness as we school friends went to Barisal together to do “chicken and chill” jokes on Taravara night in the river.
Many others might have thought about their careers by doing so-called ‘feasibility’ analysis. And Abir could have done a lot if he had been here. But he did not. We were surprised and proud to see that when the question of choice came up, he left everything and chose his love. We all hear in the story that half the world has crossed the call of love, But today I am proud to say that one of my dearest friends did that. What amount of struggle has he had to do there anymore; It costs a lot to hear that. But after all when I ask him; “Are you happy?” “As long as he’s there, as long as he’s there, I’ll be good wherever I go, no matter how I live,” he says.
It feels good to talk to them every time. People like them know how much energy is hidden in a four-letter word. They know how to love and how to teach love to others.
Rakib and I think I will be forever indebted to these two. They have taught us to love someone at what stage. Yes, maybe or I am closet romantic. Maybe or I am a man of a great ass stage; But because of these I have regained faith in many things; this is a great achievement for me.
Some true stories about love-1
No matter where you are, be good. We have always been by our side, we are and we will be.


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