Love story

Just friendship or something more…

Just friendship or something more…

1 o’clock at night. The state has called again so many nights. The boy is told so much that after 12 o’clock he will call even if he doesn’t call again. Rimmy thought it would be.

But as soon as the phone was received, the state started speaking fluently without giving Rimmy a chance to speak…

– You know, I went to BFC with Lamiha yesterday afternoon. After a while, I saw Poonam also came there. Of course, she also had her younger sister with her. Listen to what Poonam did when she saw Lamiha with me.

At first, he was startled like seeing a ghost. Then he looked at me for a while and then went straight away.

– Why did you say that? How many more people will do this nonsense?

-Hey, what did I do again?

– Please tell, what’s the story of the big puppies …..

– I’m telling him. I don’t remember everything anymore. There must be 20/25 people. Hahaha …

-Shut up. Don’t laugh at words. When I hear your smile, my body burns.

-Okay, don’t laugh anymore. Listen, I fell in love with only 5/6 people including Lamiha. But they all proposed to me. I didn’t beat any of them anymore.

The state is talking about killing his mind. After a while ……


– Aren’t you talking about that? Are you jealous of Lamihar?

-Listen, it doesn’t feel good to hear about your Lamiha Famiha so late at night. I have a lot of headaches. Now Rimmy cuts the line and switches off the mobile. Leaving the phone, he realizes that his mind has become impossibly bad.

She wonders why the state boy is like that. Why doesn’t the state understand that it doesn’t feel good to hear these nonsensical love stories? Or even more so if I understand !!! Even if I do, I will never say how much I like you. Maybe I love you !!

Due to his quiet nature, Rimmy never talked to anyone after he was admitted to the varsity. He didn’t mix with anyone. In fact, he couldn’t mix.

Sometimes he would walk alone and sometimes he would pass his time by moving the book in the seminar. He always lived alone like himself.

His only job was to go from home to varsity and then straight home from there when varsity was over.

In this way, Rimmi’s day was passing. What else do you think he looks out the window. Seeing that a group from their department is talking next to the seminar.

And after a while, one of them is falling on the other with a smile. As soon as he looks at the state, Rimmi’s eyes get stuck. It started to look weird in one look. The style of speaking to this boy, the state of the hair repeatedly in the middle of speaking.

And such a beautiful smile, everything seems to feel good to Rimmi in an instant. Rimmy himself may not know how long he has seen the kingdom in this way.

One day. The first-year terminal examination was going on. The test is over at 1 o’clock but Rimmy can find out by going to class during the second test. The subject he had read was on another date.

He has read the wrong thing. I could not think of what to do. I sit with the exam book and start thinking. What to do, what to do. Write or do not give the test. The state sat next to him.

The state is watching him saying that he is not writing anything. He is about to shed tears of shame and anger. Seeing Rimmi sitting quietly, he asks why he is not writing.

Rimmi could not have imagined that the state would say such a thing. He told Rimmy that it was okay to look at mine and write as much as he could. I will help you. And Rimmy looks at the kingdom without thinking and starts writing.

In this way, a friendly relationship developed between them. This is the state of the closest friends. If he gets any suggestions, he should give them first. And the thing that makes me feel good about myself is when Rimmy is in a bad mood.

Just friendship or something more

How can this state make the mind better? Rimmi likes all these things of the state.

Rimmy begins to imagine the state. He realizes that imagining the kingdom fills his heart with love. That’s why he plays fantasy every day. In the realm of his imagination, only the state wanders.

In that way, the two of them will walk far together holding hands. Their every moment will be mixed with love. He will spend the whole night talking on the phone. One day they will get married. They will have a tidy family. After the marriage, there will be a sweet quarrel with the state after two days. The state will bring many fragrant flowers to vent its anger.

Then they will go to the roof together and see Josna. They will talk all night with their heads on the chest of the kingdom. Rimmy himself can not understand why these thoughts surround the state! Why the state has become a part of his daily thoughts!

He decided that he would never tell the state that he liked her. At first, Rimmy used to gossip a lot about these things.

But the state didn’t care. He would call Rimmy every few days to tell him the story of his new GF. And Rimmy listened to his story like a silent spectator and shed tears.

Rimmy knows very well that he will have to face thousands of questions as soon as he goes to varsity because of the phone on his face. Why did you have a headache, whether you took medicine, whether you had a fever, etc., etc? It happened. The state is asking one question after another as soon as it sees Rimmy.

And Rimmy starts thinking, ‘You care so much..why do you care so much? He wants you to live so well …’ Shaking off these thoughts from their minds, they proceeded towards the class to answer the question of the state.


Time goes by. Varsity appears at the very end of life.

September 11 is Rimmy’s birthday. On the 10th, at exactly 12 o’clock in the night, Rajya called Rimmy and wished him first. However, Rimmy also wanted the state to wish him first this year as in other years. That’s why he happily receives phone calls from the state

Says: – I knew you would call first.

Rajya: You don’t always want to listen to my songs. I’ve never heard them. Will you listen today?

Rimmy-will you really listen?

Listen to the kingdom …

Look at the light of the moon in amazement, our earth is washed away

I saw your innocent face hidden

I am drowning in the eternal magic of your eyes

I never understood that Maya is not for me.

Where are the mistakes?

From behind your mind

I will love you ………….

After the song, Rajya says in silence for a while – Rimmi, will you be mine? Privately mine? I love you so much. Please don’t look back ……

Rimmy can’t believe his ears. He gets very angry. Today he comes to talk to me about his love? Who knows how much? He keeps thinking.

State – Shall I leave the phone?

Rimmy – No, why keep the phone? You don’t listen to me, do you? What do you think of yourself? There was a time when I saw 100 girls turning their backs on me. No one is following you anymore.

Didn’t you catch me without finding someone in the end? I have never seen a boy like you. Listen, you have a problem. You know what? 1 girl likes your 1 week or 2 weeks. Then throw him and grab another new one.

Rimmi says the words in one breath. Then both of them are silent.

After a while, Rimmy breaks the silence and says – sorry state. I never wanted to tell you that. Anyway, my friendship with you ends here. And I will be happy if you never call. Rimmy puts down the phone. She realizes that the pain that has been frozen for so long is falling on her cheeks.

Waking up in the morning, Rimmy realizes how empty his heart feels. Feeling very alone. There are many regrets. I would not have spoken so harshly in this way. If it was not done directly, nothing like that would have happened. Maybe I got so much trouble because I love you so much. Rimmi comforted herself.

Just friendship or something more

Rimmy gets on the varsity bus and looks at the cell phone. By this time 4/5 messages of the state would have been given. Whether I was able to catch the bus, whether I got up properly, whether I was able to sit. But today …..

The state did not come to see the class but today they have a very important lab. Rimmy wonders why Aslona did what happened. Indirectly, again, the state is really what it is and what it is not. He tries in vain to get rid of all his thoughts and pays attention to the class.

Several days pass like this. No one talks to anyone. Rimmi notices how the state has become. Don’t be rude to anyone like before, don’t laugh at words.

How messy it has become. After two days of class, four days do not come. It has become so quiet to say nothing but necessary things. Rimmi is very fond of the state. I wonder why I went to show so much anger that day! To put it mildly, maybe he doesn’t suffer so much now.

Why am I thinking so much? That has already happened. Time can no longer be rotated. Rimmy comforts himself.

Today is the day of Rimmy’s department. According to the plan, all the girls are wearing blue shari and the boys are wearing white Punjabi. It seems as if white clouds are moving across the blue sky.

Rimmy’s eyes are searching for the state. He knows that the state will look the most beautiful today. One day Rajya told Rimmi that if she wears a sari, she looks like an apsara.

That’s why she has a belly flower on her head and a blue tip. He has decided to tell the state about his love today. He will correct the state by forgetting everything of the past of the state.

The ceremony was almost over. But the state is nowhere to be seen. Anyone who is jigsawing says he has not seen the state. Rimmy seemed to start to feel restless.

He calls the state. Rimmi seems to be more worried when he sees the state phone off.

From varsity, Rimmi went straight to the home of the states. As soon as the bell rang, the mother of the kingdom opened the door, thinking that she knew Rimmy would come. But seeing his pale face, Rimmy became apprehensive of the unknown. After a while, Rimmi could no longer hold back her tears when she heard what Rajya’s mother Rimmi had to say with a letter in her hand. The state has gone to the Australia sister on last night’s flight. Or he will stay there and will not return to the country.

I sat in the rickshaw and started thinking how could you not. To leave like this? Would I have kept you stuck? Maybe stuck. I really wouldn’t let you go! Tears welled up in Rimmy’s eyes.

As soon as he came home, Rimmi started reading the letter

…… I knew you would come home looking for me. Please don’t be angry because I didn’t tell you. I also felt that it was impossible to leave like this. I cried so much at the thought of leaving you.

No one knows that except me. I don’t know if the pain of losing you will hurt me so badly. If I had understood, I would never have cheated or hurt you by telling lie after lie.

 friendship, friendship

I loved you from the first time I met you. I always thought I would tell you about my love. But you might not have agreed to this fear would not have said anything else. That’s why I used to tell you so many stories in the name of each girl from time to time.

You just have to be jealous and tell me what’s on your mind. I couldn’t even think about how big a mistake I made. Because of this mistake, I may have lost that intimacy of standing in front of you.

I don’t know how long I will have to bear the burden of this mistake. But to be honest, I loved you so much, I will love you forever.

Be well

Rimmi wrapped the letter in her chest and forgot to cry. She kept saying in a muffled voice, “Why did you leave me alone?”

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