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Romantic Love Story Story Mayabini!

Romantic Love Story Story Mayabini!

I was returning home from varsity that day. Just at that moment, a feminine voice was coming from behind. Calling me by name I think someone else is calling my name so I started walking towards my destination without responding to the girl’s call. Two or three feet ahead, the girl came and stood in front of me. She looks beautiful but I don’t know this girl. I don’t think I’ve seen it before. I was quite surprised and asked: Are you calling me? The girl frowned and said: Who else should I call except you?

There doesn’t seem to be anyone else by this name. I heard the girl and fell from the sky. I don’t know, sugar suddenly flew from somewhere and sat across. I said in a soft voice: How do you know me? Sugar anyway but I won’t say.

What troubles the father knows but will not say. I came home after talking like that day. A call came to my phone around 12 o’clock at night. Seeing an unknown number, I didn’t catch it at first. Annoyed by repeated calls, I picked up the phone.

Romantic Love Story Story Mayabini!

*.Who are you? Why are you calling again and again? He said in a sobbing voice from the side of the phone: I am. I got angry and said: Who am I? Don’t have a name? This time the girl said in a normal way: I met her on that street. I met many of my daughters on the street, which one? After saying this, the girl started crying like a baby. I also understood that this is a girl. I don’t know what to do. I rebuked him and said: Why is this baby crying like Polapan? I thought the threat would stop the crying but it was the other way around.

So this time without threatening, I explained nicely: Well, what do you want from me? Replied to you. I was surprised and said: What ?? No, I want a song in your voice. I said to myself, let me say goodbye to my father by listening to a song. After listening to a song, the girl has to hold the baina and listen to the song every night until she falls asleep. I remained silent for a long time.

The girl sat me down with a thread. If I didn’t listen to music every night, she would hug me on the street and say ‘I love you. I was scared and agreed to the girl’s words. I wondered what was wrong with listening to music every night. I had a good throat.

The next day.

Today, while going to varsity, I saw the girl standing in the same place. I took the bag off my shoulder and started walking with my face covered. But I could not live without the girl.

The path was blocked. Then he said: Where to hide? I said with a light smile on my face: I forgot to bring the umbrella. The sun was shining on my head so I was covering my face with the bag. The girl looked at me with a smile and said: I have an umbrella. Let me take you to varsity. I went to varsity according to what the girl did.

The girl said: So far Aslam with an umbrella on your head did not give a thank you? Why are you like that ?? I was silently listening to the girl without saying anything.

Then I gave a lot of thanks. The next day after finishing varsity I came home and entered the messenger. A new message request is coming from the ID called Achin Pakhi. I checked and saw a girl’s ID. Gula hebbi your song written in the message. I widened my eyes and looked again.

This time it was not left to understand that this is the work of that girl. If I call today, I will sweep as much as I want so that I don’t call again in my life I waited for the girl’s phone to ring. But at 12 o’clock at night, but the girl’s phone did not come, I was surprised. I hurriedly entered the messenger. I saw that the girl’s ID had turned black. Then I called the girl from myself. Phone off. I was very worried. Is something wrong with the girl? I asked myself why am I thinking about this girl?

Romantic Love Story Story Mayabini

Then I left everything and went to sleep. I can’t sleep at all. After many attempts, I suddenly fell asleep. I woke up late in the morning and left for varsity without breakfast. Every day I was standing right where I met that girl and looking around. But I did not see that girl coming again. I stood for about 1 hour for the girl did not come. Meanwhile, varsity time is also over.

So I came back home without going to varsity. Extremely upset. From that day onwards, every night I would look at the skin on my mobile phone at the exact time when the girl would call. I enter the messenger and check the girl’s ID every day and check the message request. But he didn’t get that girl anymore. I am still waiting for that girl. I used to be very upset when the girl used to go crazy with me but now I miss her very much. I didn’t understand its meaning when I was there, now it is gone, so I am very sorry. I don’t understand the meaning of anything, but when it is gone, I miss it very much. Romantic Love Story Story Mayabini!

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