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Love story

Romantic Love Story: Evidence of love with life!

Romantic Love Story: Evidence of love with life!

Today is the 13th of February. Tomorrow is “World Love Day” … How many lovers have plans for this day. Sadia and Rafi plan to go out together all day tomorrow. So they come home after not being on campus for a long time ….  Romantic Love Story: Evidence of love with life!
12.00 pm. A message comes from an unknown number to Sadia’s phone. The message reads “Open the door”!

Sadia may have mistakenly sent the message to her number. But after a while another message came! It says “Fear not, open the door!” .. This time Sadia opened the door with some annoyance. Sadia opened the door and saw a piece of paper lying in front of the door. This time Sadia got a little excited and took the piece of paper in her hand where it was written “Can I come to the roof once?” Reaching the roof, Sadia is completely exhausted !!. She can’t believe her eyes!

“Love” written on thousands of paper envelopes on the roof…

Another message came from an unknown number “Love, love and love!” …

Sadia never thinks that someone will give a surprise like this.
February 14, 10.00 am.

–Hello! Are you saying Sadia ?? (From the side of the phone)

– Yes guys .. (Sadia)

–Actually …………….

–Keeeeeeh ………..
Sadia is sitting in the hospital now. The phone call came from the hospital. Rafi’s bike had an accident !!

Rafi was coming to meet Sadia. How many plans did the two have for Valentine’s Day but everything was over.

Rafi’s condition is very bad. Rafi’s parents and friends have all left. Everyone has tears in their eyes. The doctor says it is difficult to save him. There is a lot of bleeding, severe injuries to the area where the kidneys are located in the back of the head and abdomen.
–Doctor, how is the patient now? (Rafi’s father)

–See the patient’s injury is very serious. Wait until the report is received. (Doctor)

– Will my son be okay? (In a tearful voice)

–Please don’t cry. Call on Allah and there will be no mistake in our efforts.
The report has come. Rafi’s two eyes and two kidneys have been damaged. However, the loss of two kidneys in the accident is a very rare incident. Rafi’s luck was probably bad !!
Rafi has been kept in life support. The doctor said that the kidney transplant should be done within 2 hours or else Rafi will not be saved. Everyone is trying their best but it is not so easy to get a kidney.
Rafi’s mother has lost consciousness a few times, Sadia has also gone crazy. She is making a last effort to save the man she loves.

Dina, Turya, Hafsa are all looking for kidneys like crazy but can’t find them anywhere.
– There is good news for everyone. Kidney has been found! Eyes too! (Doctor)

–Alhamdulillah (all together)

–Your luck is really very good otherwise it is impossible to get kidneys and eyes in such a short time. Such a story happens in Bengali cinema but in reality this is the first time I saw it!

–Doctor, who is that great man? Can we see him once? (Rafi’s mother)

– No, he will not appear to anyone. Now. The operation will start. Pray for everyone so that the operation ends successfully.
Yes, that’s how life is! Sometimes life becomes more cinematic than a movie. Otherwise it would never have been possible to get a kidney in such a short time.

Rafi’s operation ended successfully. Sadia’s love was not lost. Rafi survived with the help of Goddess of Fate!

Sadia, Turya, Dina and Hafsa came to the varsity today after about 10 days. Rafi is slowly recovering. But Mahin has no news. He did not come to the hospital to see Rafi. Sadia also did not call in anger.
Everyone is chatting at the end of the class. Chat is not given for many days. Suddenly a boy came to them. A diary in his hand.

–Who is Sadia Apu among you ?? (boy)

–I’m Sadia,

–Oh .. this is for you. Mahin Bhai asked to give.
The boy left without saying another word.

Sadia is a little surprised to hear Mahin’s name. She is also a little angry again.

Sadia started reading the diary with her hand. The rest of the audience listened like a silent listener.
@ Today is the 1st day of varsity. Sir, I liked the weird introduction episode. The funny thing is that there is a girl named “Sadia” with “S”. I am saying funny because the letter “S” is my favorite. Katta cute! So I thought I was a little angry. At first, the girl was scared to say you hahaha. Then when Petni said the girl is angry !!
Why does that girl get so angry when she sees me ?? .. Does anyone treat her like that with a friend? I forgot to say Petni once!

Turya, Dina, Hafsa and Rafi made friends with everyone today, not just Sadia.
@ Today I took Sadia home by rickshaw even though my house is not on that road. All this can be done to help my friend!

I am very happy today because Sadia has befriended me today.

Sadia keeps turning the pages of her diary …. Suddenly her eyes get stuck in a writing!
@ Tomorrow is the final exam of the year and Pitney has typhoid. Everyone is busy to console and I am with my plan! Anyway, the exam must be stopped.
Oops! What was disturbed last night..it is not enough to set fire to the test items at the top of the wall! Even then, it feels good to think that the test has been postponed! Sadia’s year will not have to be lost anymore.
After reading a few more pages, Sadia and others are listening in amazement. Now Sadia is a little more surprised!
I think I fell in love with Sadia! .. but how can I tell her?
@ I have to tell Sadia tomorrow anyway. I have to tell her about love …

.Romantic Love Story: Evidence of love with life!

The proposal was not made to Sadia anymore. Rafi also loves Sadia! It doesn’t matter, Rafi is my friend! I will like him with Sadia. I will love him from afar!…

That uncle died today! Well, should I die if I have a heart attack ?? Why is everyone so selfish? I grew up alone.
@ I came to varsity after 5 days. But I didn’t do the class. I saw Sadia walking without an umbrella in the rain! I ran with the umbrella. How can I let the man of love get wet? If he gets sick !!
I am withdrawing myself from everyone now … I have to learn to cut Maya when there is no profit by increasing Maya.
The more Sadia reads, the more surprised she is. Everyone else is surprised !! And where is Mahin now ??
@ Today my mind is very bad. Sadia has had an accident. I admitted her to the hospital and called Rafi so that Sadia would bring Rafi Sadia to the hospital!

@ Rafi and Sadia’s love is finally over. I am very happy.

Sadia flipped the page again with a sigh…
Will, you answer a question ?? .. Have you ever, ever understood my mind ??? Leave the answer to you … Although you can’t give the answer! The answer to the question written with heart has to be given with heart, not with intellect.
True love is with the mind but you have to prove it with life. If you love, you have to tell the people you love and I probably failed in this place …

My love was a love wrapped in paper, whose existence was limited to just a few pages of paper.
I wanted to wrap your heart with love wrapped in paper. But you remained elusive …
Tuito was at my fingertips but love can’t always be touched by raising my hand. Some love remains unfulfilled ..

The name of losing even after getting a loved one is pain, the name of forgetting without getting it is comfort and the name of falling in love all your life without getting a loved one is selfishness.

I am selfish…

I found my world in you and we had no hand in it between you and Rafi .. Some story writers write with their own hands !! .. Never think of yourself as a criminal but … Never hurt Rafi … The boy loves you very much …
I have a perfection in the midst of so many imperfections and that is that the stories given by Rafi that made you emotional were written by me … so don’t tell anything to Rafi but .. not everyone writes stories! .. writing stories makes me go crazy like me …

You have to write a story with emotion .. because even if life does not run with emotion, the heart moves!
I didn’t tell you that one day you will cry even after reading my writing! Don’t cry, I am here. I am with you as your shadow, just out of touch. Paint your life in the color of love …

Will, you keep my last whim Sadia ?? .. Every 14th February I will leave a rose in my grave ?? .. I will love it.
In the shadow of the heart,

Love will find you!

You’re just in the middle of nowhere,

I will touch your Pazar and breathe. “”

Love is always good, goodbye…
.——Romantic Love Story: Evidence of love with life!

Mahin’s writing really made Sadia cry today. Not only Jenny but Dina, Turya, Hafsa are all crying. How crazy is it to fall in love like this madman ?? The question is still lingering in Sadia’s mind. !! .. but life may go away somehow.
One year later, today is February 14 again. Like every lover, Rafi and Sadia are going to the same place. A rose in Sadia’s hand.
They have reached the destination. Yes, Oito! Mahin’s grave can be seen. The place has changed a lot in the space of a year.

Sadia gently placed the flower on the grave. The tears in her eyes are not falling today.

The two of them are walking from the grave to the house. No, it would be wrong to say two! There is another one with them but in the shadow.

The path may be crooked but the shadow will remain and will shout “Love” !!

No one will hear the scream but it will resonate in the heart of the man of love in whose name he has written his life …!

Dedication: Crazy people like Mahin who prove their love with their lives …

Romantic Love Story: Evidence of love with life!

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