Love story

some love and the rest is love

some love and the rest is love

It was raining looking at me with a heavy face. He startled me and suddenly hugged me and said, “I love you”. By the suddenness of the incident, I had become a fool by then. I looked around to see if anyone was watching. Somehow I ran away from the rain and went to my mother in the next room. Mom and Rain’s mother were talking there. I went to my mother’s lap and cried and said, “Mommy says it’s raining and she loves me. She won’t live without me. What will happen to me now, Mommy. She’s such a naughty girl.” I howled and cried. Without stopping my crying, two majestic women listened to me and started laughing.
some love and the rest is love
I was seven or eight years old then and it rained around five. At that age, I read Sukumar Roy or the three detectives, a huge sage and a very romantic girl who watches Bengali and Hindi movies all day long. Whenever he saw me, he would start singing, “Tum paas aaye, u muzko raye …” I didn’t like the behavior of the rain, but I had no choice but to rain. The rain was my playmate or best friend in my four-walled captive life. When I wanted to tell him the story of Hercules’ expedition, he would tell me a Hindi movie review. He could dance very well, he could dance by shaking his arms and legs. Sometimes he would turn the veil around and do some kind of dance which was beyond my knowledge at that age. I also had the good fortune to watch the snake dance once or twice.
My kind-hearted Amazon loved the rain so much. He also wanted to take the rain home. Maybe he didn’t have a daughter of his own, so he used to caress this naughty girl a lot. I have seen from my childhood that the rain was more in our house than in their house. Brishti’s father used to joke from time to time, “You have already built a house in this house. When I send you to this house, you will not know your parents.” Instead of being embarrassed by the rain, he would look at me and smile with his half-inch lips. I haven’t got any hint of revealing the secret of his laughter in the Tintin series yet.
It took several years to see it that way. I was in 10th class and then in class seven. The harassment has not stopped yet. When he looked at me with one glance, it seemed to me like a cartoon. Although his arms and legs are long, his mischief has not diminished. One day before the exam I was in coaching. I don’t know when he wrote a love letter and left it on my table. My father never found out about me, but what do you think that day, he went to my house and rescued the love letter of this terrible girl. When I returned home, I saw that the two families were sitting together. Mom handed me the love letter. At the end of the letter was written in small patch handwriting, “Eti, the rain of your love.” I cried again without understanding anything about the incident, after a while, I saw that the rain also made me cry. I still don’t understand how two fathers and two mothers can laugh so much when they see two people crying.
Love story ›some love and the rest is love
In the meantime, a couple of years have passed. I was busy building my future in college. I couldn’t set any goals then except to increase the mark by showing Tukey Sir in the fine reed book of Nikti and Calvin scale. Suddenly one day when I saw the gift of rain on my birthday, I remembered him. I did not realize that he had been harassing me for some time. Why I wanted to see him that day. And that afternoon I had the biggest heart attack of my life, measured on a Richter scale that would not go away.
Sitting on the roof that afternoon, I wondered if the rain had made me sick again. Otherwise, where will the girl who wanders around me all day suddenly go? Suddenly I saw a girl standing a little distance away looking at the place I was looking at. The girl looked differently beautiful when she wore a red sari, light red lipstick on her lips, lots of kajal on her eyes and hair. I noticed that it was raining. I became completely stupid. How big the rain has become in these few days, again the whole apsara has been left on top of it! I approached and said softly, “Rain, you look so beautiful today, it looks like a princess has come down from the half-dark and half-twilight sky”; The rain ran away with a tomato-like face in shame.
Then the rain did not come near me. If for some reason I made a mistake, I would go in front of him and keep my head down in shame. I once felt that my heart had a relationship with this girl. I can’t sleep when I go to sleep, I whisper something while walking down the street, peeking out of the rain-soaked house as I leave the house, hoping to see him a little. Understood I sigh.
In the meantime, I got a chance at CUET. It seems that it did not happen in Dhaka. The biggest cost was not being able to see the rain. I wanted to talk about loving the rain before I left, but my heart’s operating system said, “You don’t have enough courage in your chest, please recharge and come back, thank you.”
I would go straight to Dhaka after finishing every semester, but I still could not pass the first level of courage. We used to talk a little, but I could not say the word love with courage. I then realized how difficult it is for those who truly love to say this word for the first time to the people they love. I would sweat when I saw him in the middle of winter in Kankan. In this way, the game of liking the two minds continues in secret. But suddenly everything seemed to be in chaos.
›some love and the rest is love
I gave the final then. Results will come in two days. And just two days later, I’m going to be a graduate. In the meantime, a message came on my mobile. The message read, “Tomorrow my wedding talk will be ripe. Come back if you love; rain.” I stood stunned. Emon leaned over and asked, “Why are you angry? What happened?” I just said in a muffled voice, “Rain wedding.”
I realized on that day how great a friend can be. At 4:30 pm, Emon rode his motorcycle with me to the bus counter. I went and saw that the last bus had left. There is no way without morning. What else to do, two friends left for Dhaka on a motorcycle. I don’t want to lose the rain at all. All the memories of my childhood were gone. If someone asks me to write an essay with childhood memory, it will be about seven pages of rain. I sat down to lose that rain!
I reached my house just before evening. We did not run to our house but went straight to the rain house. Home Admission Guests. Some strangers. I was ignorant then. Hapate Hapate went in front of the rabbis and went crazy and said in movie style, “This marriage can’t happen. I Love Her From Childhood!”
I looked to the side and saw my father also sitting. The elders all started looking at each other. I’ve said things like crazy. Today, there is no Lankakanda here. But suddenly a roll of laughter followed in the house. No one can stop laughing. I thought I had ink on my face during the long journey so maybe I was smiling and rubbing my cheeks with my hands. Later I found out that I was talking about my marriage with Brishti that day.
It was raining in the window of the next room. I pressed my foot and went from behind and put my hand on his neck. The rain shook softly. Today she looks like a bride. I pressed her cheek and said, “Haven’t you been naughty yet?” The bride of my dreams came to my arms to cover her red face of shame. I held it in both hands for the rest of my life. Even today his mischief has not diminished but his love has increased.
some love and the rest is love



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