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Romantic Story Thirty Minutes – Love Story

Romantic Story Thirty Minutes – Love Story


My wife had an affair with someone else before marriage. The day I went to see him, I was sitting on the sofa for a long time, like someone with a disability. While everyone was laughing at this, I was waiting for Xenia to come.

Thirty minutes later he came in front of everyone and sat right in front of me with salutations. As I waited for him to arrive, I felt uneasy for a moment. The matter is not uncomfortable and can be said. It was as if all the nervousness had overwhelmed me. When everyone started asking him something, I was looking at him again and again. Except for a little while, my mama tactfully arranged for the two of us to talk.

The two of us came to the roof and observed a moment of silence. I did not understand what to say to talk to him.

He was standing in silence with the sleep on his head. I hesitated and greeted him and asked, “What is your name?” He looks at me a little. In the middle of this look, one of the meanings was set. You know the name. ” He gently told Xenia. ” I said, “The name is beautiful, like you.” He stared silently. Then there was silence again.

But this silence did not consume me for long. I hesitated again and said “Don’t ask my name?” Then he hesitated and said, “I know your name is Jahed.” I gave a soft smile.

The shadow of the afternoon sun was slowly disappearing and the clouds of the sky were hovering over our heads. I saw the spirits of the insane beauty of the afternoon falling in the combination of these shadows and the clouds of the sky. I was wondering what else to say to him. As far as I’m going to say, can I know how you like me as a pot? But before she could say anything, Zenia said seriously, “I want to tell you something.” I nodded and said yes. He took a little longer.

Then he looked at me and said “I don’t know how to tell you or I should say it. In fact, I have a relationship with one. ” I was silent for a while when I heard such words on his face. However, I did not take the matter seriously. Because at this time these things happen all the time. I said, “Why didn’t you tell the family?” “There has to be a situation,” he said. That situation did not come for me. Abid is trying for a job. I thought I would talk about it at home as soon as I got the job.

But where is that? ” I looked at him for a while on the roof without saying anything and then I was walking. She looked at me curiously wondering why I was walking that way. After a while, I stopped walking and said “Is your relationship too deep?” He did not know what to say. But I understood the nature of this word.

Then he said in a very natural way, “There is no relationship as you think. The relationship is limited to love. From one end to the other, we have hundreds of feelings of missing the man.” I shook my head a little and said, “Okay, I can help you.” I said, “I did not help you to get married to Abid, but there is a condition. I will say the condition later. First I will take time from your parents that you and I know each other well, we need to know a little bit.

I will make a decision after understanding a little bit. And the condition is that I will give a job to Abid but don’t tell me about it even after Abid gets a job. Don’t tell me because people are changeable. Money changes people. I need to understand Abid with me.

If you don’t like the change, then I have to get married, okay? That’s the condition. ” She frowned at my terms and said “My Abid will never be like that” Then Xenia agreed to my terms. I could have canceled the marriage without this condition. But I was not among them when the faint scent of her body shook my insides amidst the insane beauty of the falling afternoon of this city. It was as if I had taken refuge in a shady place called Zenia to escape the scorching sun. After thirty minutes of talking, I told everyone in the pub that we both needed to get to know each other a little better. They agreed with us.

Romantic Story Thirty Minutes – Love Story

It’s been thirty minutes since I came home at the end of the office. In these thirty minutes, I am noticing the indifference of the shadows around the walls of my house. After a while, Xenia came to me and said very hesitantly “Shall I give you tea?” I said no. Now I have no desire to have tea. ” Then he went to the inner room. Xenia has scared me a lot since last night. When he talks to me, his words seem to be stuck in his throat. When I fell asleep the night before the last two days, exactly thirty minutes later, I suddenly woke up.

Romantic Story Thirty Minutes – Love Story

Then I saw him talking on the phone in the verandah. Abid called to ask. I was very angry with him. Nowadays, I have a strange desire to play with people’s feelings. I called Xenia. He stood in front of me silently. I told her, “Why are you feeling unwell, girl?” I am your husband. After marriage, a wife’s husband is her best friend. You have to laugh and talk to this friend and hide your sadness. ” Then I took her hand and sat next to me and said “I am bringing mehedi when I come.

Let me give you a handful of henna. Although I can’t give mehedi. Well, would you be upset if the hand looks ugly as I give it to Mehdi? ” He nodded, no.

I am opening Mehedi’s tube and drawing randomly in her hand. I can’t give mehdi at all. And he is silently drawing this scene in his eyes. I said, “Isn’t it beautiful?” He said “very beautiful” I looked him in the eye then said with a little angry feeling “why lie? Call it beautiful? You can’t tell the truth. Too bad Xenia too bad.

How can you never lie again? ” She did not know what to say. As soon as I gave Mehdi, I said, “Why did you keep the word hidden from me?” He says, “What?” I laughed a little and said “Yesterday I came home thirty minutes ago. But I didn’t see you at home. When I asked you after you came home, you said you went to see your girlfriend. I said nothing more.

It’s been so long but you haven’t told me the truth yet. I was waiting to hear your truth. On the way back from the office, I just saw you with your old boyfriend. ” He remained silent. I did not understand the meaning of this silence. I said, “Answer me, girl.” He remained silent even then. I said, “What went wrong?” He shook his head and said he had made a mistake. I laughed a little and said “How can you not do that again?

I am very angry. I am a very good man. But I don’t know what to do when the anger of this good man increases. Later I regret that I did this work? Won’t you make me regret it? ” She gets scared. I said, “Look, this girl is scared. Tell me what’s wrong. I gave your boyfriend a job.

I wanted to give you a name for your relationship. You had a strong faith in your boyfriend. But he has the dignity of your faith. Well, skip this. I have been married to you for thirty days today. In these thirty days I have not seen the love in your eyes for me. You know, I really want to get wet in the rain with tobacco. To see the light of the silver moon at night. To love you You don’t love me.

How about just giving my life to my desires? ” Xenia remained silent. I see tears in the corner of his eye. He wiped the water with his hand and said “Why are you moving so much? I am giving mehedi. ”


This evening I came to meet Abid at the restaurant. There is a touch of sadness on his face. In the midst of this depression, I could see a man who did not have the dignity of love. I said very calmly “What will you eat?” He nodded, meaning he would not eat. I said, “Do you understand why I’m calling you here?” She looks at me with a strange Maya Maya look. Ignoring that strange Maya Maya look, I said, “The man who was yours is no longer yours.

That man is someone else now. Another dreamed of this man. And in the middle of this dream you are going into. Call it politeness? ” He doesn’t know what to say. I saw his silence and said, “Never disturb him again, okay?” If you disturb again, it will be very bad with you, Mr. Abid. ” Saying this, I got up from my chair and said again, “You have lost the man and you have lost the job. Keep this card.

This is my friend’s card. Sanjan thinks about the family in a new way of life. If you want to work, meet him. I told him everything. Let’s go. Best of luck.
Sometimes I realize why this man I am? In order to give a form to one’s inner feelings, one does not enter into the feelings of others in one’s consciousness. I really want to go a long way and think a little about my thoughts. In the midst of this thought, I would find the light and the darkness. Where am I in the middle of this light and darkness?
Thirty minutes later, as soon as I got home, I saw Zenia’s face and my heart pounded. The sad look on his face when he saw me was surrounded by a shadow of fatigue. This fatigue overwhelms my whole body with a wall of numbness. I told him “From now on Abid will not disturb you anymore.” He is silent. I am also silent. In the midst of this silence, I realized the distance between the two of us.
Thirty minutes after the change of clothes and freshening up, he came in front of me and stood silently. I said “Say something?” He wrapped his sari between his real fingers and said to me very hesitantly, “Why can you say that life is like that? The one I loved so much did this to me. Why did he do this to me?” I am silent. I do not understand what to say to this. I sometimes feel bizarrely crazy about myself. Seeing my silence, Zenia said again, “Abid cried a lot when you were asleep that day.

There was a shadow of sadness inside me. I told him I have a family now. You don’t keep in touch with me anymore.

Then for the last time, I  wanted to meet you once. I wanted to tell you. But I don’t know what you think about it. Forgive me. You are my husband. I shouldn’t have hidden this from my husband. ” He stopped saying this. Tears come to the corners of his eyes. In the midst of so many storms, in the depression of time, he leaves all his feelings at the door of my feelings. Xenia wiped away the tears and said, “Come eat. I’ve cooked your favorite khichuri.” I was wondering what to say in response to this. I can see the silent cries in the middle of his words. Depression engulfed my walls.

But it’s not my fault for creating this depression. He is mine in terms.

The city got wet from the rain all night and a soft cool glow spread this morning. Lately, I almost want to get involved in this blue city with Zenia in a blue feeling. To keep my eyes on him and to surrender my secrets to him. But why can’t I? An entanglement came and filled me.

This inertia seizes me and makes my whole body tired. Thirty minutes after seeing this shattered city, Xenia came and said hesitantly, “Don’t go to the office?” I tell him, “No. He doesn’t want to go today.” He said goodbye and left without saying anything. I told him “Listen.” He looks back at me. I said, “You need to tell me everything today. You still don’t know the real reason.

I gave Abid a job as my office manager. After I got the job, I had something else on my mind. To test Abid’s love.

That’s right when I told Nadia about it.” Two days later, Nadia agreed to do as I said, and then Nadia’s job began. Talking to Abid in a nasty way, having lunch with her at lunch time, although Abid didn’t agree at first, then going out, riding a rickshaw. It was too late to communicate, but I told Nadia to be very careful and do whatever she could. A month passed like this.

This one month means thirty days later, you called me. You said you didn’t feel well. Abid, I don’t want to talk to you now. “Every time you call, I’m busy calling Abid. I calmed you down. I greeted Nadia and told her to go ahead with her work, girl. Then after another month, the desired time came. Abid proposed to Nadia that the matter would be settled so soon.” I didn’t think so. Most of the men If you understand the weak towards women.

What will happen to Nadia when she tells Abid you have a girlfriend? Do you know what Abid said? Or are you a simple girl? Or you could talk to him secretly on the phone, in secret. Couldn’t give the right time. If I was told to go somewhere, I could not go.

The feeling he got from mixing with Nadia was not from you. Then Abid began to ignore you. Gave you back Then I was not a little late. I asked Nadia to give the final move. Nadia also gave the final move. Abid was told by a good friend that he wanted to be a good colleague and not a lover. ”

Romantic Story Thirty Minutes – Love Story

I stopped saying that. Xenia remained silent. I got up from the chair and said again, “Believe me, if Abid had won this test, I would have really arranged your marriage. No.

His absence from the office increased. And for this absence, he was knocked out of the job. “Xenia sighed after hearing so much talk from me. Then he said “It’s okay that he loved me. But his love for me was not strong.” I told her, “I’ll divorce you if you want. You can go to Abid. I don’t want our lives to be cut short like this. In a life where I can’t find alpana.” He said, “Never say that again. I’m just a girl. But my life is not so cheap.

Come for breakfast.” Saying this, he went inside. And I’m wondering if I can become the person I love.
“What’s the matter, yes? Mr. writing isn’t over? I’ll be back in a minute. I’ll be back in five minutes. It’s been thirty minutes since I last saw you. Will you eat or not? How long will I be sitting?
I turned my face away from the PC and looked at Xenia then said “Madam a little left.” Xenia took my hand and said, “No more. Get up. Write the rest of your” thirty minutes “story later. And I don’t understand why you put my name on the character in your story.” I smiled when I heard him. I was actually writing stories.

Romantic Story Thirty Minutes – Love Story

After spending some time coming from the office, it was not good. I thought I would write something. And at the beginning of writing, Xenia sat next to me. Seeing his name in the story, he told me and left. Seeing my smile, he said again, “Why don’t you get up? I’m hungry.

If you don’t eat, I don’t want to eat either, don’t you understand, sir?” I said in silence, “I don’t want to eat with my own hands today. You feed me.” He said, “Okay, let’s go now.” I went to eat with him.

He is feeding me and eating himself. If he wants to know the story of the story, I keep eating and listening. Xenia said to me “Then what will happen to poor Abid?” I said, “Join the job and think about life anew. Our life is not like that.” Xenia quietly feeds me with Lokma. And I looked into his eyes and kept eating. He says, “Do you see that?” I don’t say anything.

I can see her terribly beautiful love for me in those eyes. It makes me want to be involved in such horrible beautiful loves. Maya doesn’t want to lose her love …

Romantic Story Thirty Minutes – Love Story
Story: Thirty minutes.


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