Love story

Stay by love forever

Stay by love forever

Lazy noon. It seems to be half-past twelve in the afternoon. I don’t know what to say. I have less to do with world poverty again.

I woke up very early today. Of course, seven in the morning is not a very early morning for early risers. But for people like me who are sleep-deprived, this is a good morning. I’m in bed later! Still getting enough sleep. As I almost closed my eyes, my mother raised her braided hair from behind to my waist and raised her nose.

I was severely injured in the mother’s trunk! It feels as if the fish in the fish market has given the rotten fish to the mother, the mother is sniffing the smell! He looked at her with a smirk and said, ‘Did I comb your hair that night, then did you comb your hair?’

I said with a wide face, ‘No mother! You see how hard and strong your braid is! It’s okay now ‘. I also see the pickaxe in my mother’s hand.

In response to my hesitation, my mother did not start beating again. With a very serious expression, he said, ‘Why are you after all day like dying? Can you do two or four things? ‘I have become accustomed to hearing such things every day. So I went to sleep again to concentrate on what my mother shouted again. Didn’t you see the clouds outside? Now pick up the clothes on the roof. ‘

Stay by love forever

Usually, girls are not very careless in nature. But I am careless at that level. I can’t do any work, I don’t have any special qualities. I sleep later in the day, sit with a little book at night, watch TV, listen to music, and fall asleep again at night.

I do all these things throughout the day. So I feel very lazy to do odd jobs. I am climbing the stairs to the roof. I don’t like this rain either. It would have been fun to have tea without coming to the roof at this time! Or you could sleep comfortably for two or three hours with earphones ringing in your ears.

But my fortune is not good. As soon as I got on the roof, my mind became better, proportionate

The mood also got worse. There is Rupa Bhaiya on the roof. Seeing me, he came forward with a smile on his face and said, ‘Good afternoon, Anima!

What a wonderful way to screw people over. The mood got worse. Does anyone wish anyone at noon! This must have made me wish for contempt. Because he knows very well how sleepy I am. I came home without answering, took my clothes, and went home without counting the stairs.

love forever

The body is gurgling with anger. This boy is the biggest trouble in my short life.

As much as I am careless, Rupa Bhaiya is just as perfect. His demeanor, speech, actions are all perfect. As tidy as my room as a girl, Rupam Vaiyar’s room as a boy was tidy.

Once I couldn’t find my book before the chemistry exam. I had brought Rupam Vaiya’s old book to save me from my mother’s gossip. I was surprised when I came home. Old books are like new! The underline in the book looked as if it had been drawn by a scale.

Everything about this boy is perfect! I have never seen clothes folded. Absolutely

Dressed. First-class in school. ‘Is that a boy nowadays?

Rupa has han, Rupa has a tan, Rupa is this, Rupa is that, I have to listen to all these rules. Sometimes I feel like I strangle him with my long-clawed hand.

But I can’t. Because he has settled in my mind for a long time. Sometimes he feels so good, sometimes he wants to kill again! This is the reason why seeing him makes the mind proportionately better and also makes him angry.

It’s a little too hot today. I remember a line, again and again, this summer, “It burns in agony that burns. I went out this summer to buy a book. I came to myself with a sad mother who is angry. Now I know the situation in the heat. Hand full book. I went into the market to eat ice cream.

I miss an umbrella this summer. If only someone could match the umbrella now. Eat! In the heat, I feel like I’m going crazy. Going a little further, I saw Rupam Bhaiya. Ah! Very nice!

Then he does the market nowadays. My forehead twisted. At this moment, my love for this boy is not coming. Rather the body is matching in the heat. If I see him again, I will fall on the road. So you should go to the store to buy ice cream.

But the problem is how to buy ice cream, and how to eat it even if you buy it? A bunch of books. I’m very angry at the moment. You need to call a rickshaw and go home.

– Hey Anima, what are you doing in the market?

– Playing hide and seek, play?

Nowadays, I give him a straight answer without giving him a straight answer. That is peace.

– You’re so hot. Got it.

– Well done.

– Eat ice cream? Let’s eat.

Suddenly love began to return. I really want ice cream this summer. Of course, I want him too! I forgot all the shame,

– So hold the books. Otherwise, how do I eat?

– Well, I bought it first.

Sitting in the bakery, cold air under the fan, ice cream. Peace of mind. The thought of eating ice cream in the bakery didn’t really sit well with Rupa Vaiya now.

But my head was probably not working in the heat. Rupa’s brother is looking at my side by side for a while! Strange thing. Want to say something? May I ask? No need to stay. It would be a great sin to say that this boy is good! I love it!

Serious type of love. I want you, I want only you! I get something in life or not! ‘This type of love. Sometimes I get so frustrated, I know he will never love me.

The difference between him and me. Nothing matches anything. Since when do I love it! I do not know. Didn’t even try to find out, and didn’t even try to let him know. This boy knows how to memorize all the laws of physics and knows how to do the reaction of chemistry orally! Only in my case. I am zero in love! Says nothing will be done by me in this short life

I don’t think so.

– If you understand, Anima, you need to eat ice cream according to the rules this summer.

– Is that so? So eat.

– It’s not fun to eat alone.

– Then don’t eat. I’m getting late, I’m gone.

I can’t stay with this boy for another moment. It’s dangerous for me. I love to top any time! I am less ashamed again. How long to say!

– We can go home in a rickshaw if you want!

– I don’t want that.

– I think you want.

– No.

love forever

– Well! I want to, so let’s go in a rickshaw now.

This boy looks pretty mature! What do I really want? I want so much! But I want to escape from here at the moment. Today, Rupam Vaiya’s mental speed is not right. At some point, he will catch my mind. So it is better to walk on the wrong foot.

– This anima, where to go?

Can’t answer! I have to run away. I was walking very fast, suddenly Rupam Bhaiya came from behind and grabbed my hand. What a brazen boy! Does anyone hold hands on the road? The hand books also went later. My body is shaking.

– What’s the matter? Didn’t I say go together? I went to call the rickshaw. Where are you running

– I’m not running away. I’ll go like me. You go alone.

He looked at me with a big smile on his face. As if he understood everything. He dropped his hand and picked up all the books.

love forever

– But I understand many languages ​​beyond books.

– Huh, good.

– You’re really playing hide and seek, with yourself and with me.

What are you saying, boy! My chest is starting to throb. Seeing so much understands a lot!

– You can love but not accept! What is it? Because of me

You have to listen to gossip, so you do not want to admit it? Listen, I love you as much as I love you, don’t you want to tie your hair? I will tie it for life! I will be by your side as an umbrella this summer, why only in the heat? I will be the number one umbrella for life, will not take the side?

– Mr. Rupam calls a rickshaw! There is no love on the road. The answer is not heard later!

With a beautiful smile, I went to look for my number one umbrella rickshaw. The sun seemed to be rising. Let it grow! Got protection. Lifetime Protection.

Stay by love forever



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