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The name of a young woman with a sweet smile

sweet smile

The name of a young woman with a sweet smile. He has been laughing all day long. There is no pause in that laughter. Those who don’t know Mishti may think she is a half-crazy girl. Everyone else had to read in various embarrassing situations for this sweet smile. But those who know sweets very well know the secret of this pure laughter.

Sweet mother’s thoughts on how to marry this girl? Seeing the boy’s side, the girl laughed out loud. The boy narrowed his eyes and left annoyed. But what’s wrong with the sweetness is that she can’t hold back that smile.

When the boy left, he hugged his sweet mother and said,

–Mother, you know why I smile, but you are still angry with me.

The mother looked at her daughter and sighed.

– Where can I find the truthful Yudhisthira in this age.

Sweet say

– I’ll get it, mom, I’m waiting for her.

Sweet has received offers of love from many boys as usual. Responding sweetly to that proposal, he blew away with a smile.

Suddenly something happened.

Light wind with drizzle. Sweet is returning home from college. From somewhere in the middle of the path, a boy wearing thick glass framed glasses came and stood in front of the sweet. Sweet knows it. Their neighbors.

Sweet say

– What’s the matter, brother Orc?

Orc stammered,

– No, I mean, I had a conversation with you.

Sweet understands what boys can have when they say this kind of thing.

Sweet says– what?

Orc says– have you heard this song in such a heavy rain on such a day?

Sweet says– I heard what happened?

Orc says– I’m leaving the country on a scholarship. I want to tell you before I leave. You won’t laugh.

Was ready for a sweet laugh.

Orc says– I love you. You 7.

Orc hurriedly took off his glasses. This is the first time I saw the sweet orc without glasses. The boy’s eyes were so beautiful that they were always covered in a thick glass frame. There is something like Maya in these eyes.

Orc says– if I can’t say no today, I’ll never say no again.

Then he quickly said I love you. Orc will get a good laugh when he realizes that he has to get ears. A few seconds passed. Where the sound of laughter can not be heard.

Nah not smiling sweetly. How can you smile sweetly, Orc is not lying anymore. Sweet has noticed one thing since childhood that when someone tells a lie, he automatically gets a smile. The people around have trapped themselves in a web of lies, a sweet smile that pierces the net of lies. Simply put, there is a connection between sweet smiles and lies. Sweet has a kind of magical power.

But this magical power of sweetness is not working today in the face of Orc’s truth.

That is in front of true love.

Sweet wonders if the person I have been waiting for is in the next house. I understand that, I don’t remember the sweet proverb.

Orc says– why aren’t you smiling?

Sweet– do you have any laughs?

Silence for a while. Orc takes the glasses off, sweet to the eye.

Orc says– How do I get home if I don’t wear glasses?

Sweet says– hold my hand. I will deliver you.

Orc looks at the sweet with blurred eyes. The name of what is more in that vision is a wonder. Orc raises his hand in a trembling way. Sweet came forward and grabbed Orc’s hand. And the drizzle began to fall heavily.

Sweet says– this is the hand I grabbed but I’m not letting go

A sweet smile appeared on Orc’s face.

Sweet knows the meaning of this sweet smile.

The name of a young woman with a sweet smile



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