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Romantic Story: Victory Smile – Love Story

Romantic Story: Victory Smile – Love Story

-Miss Anwesha, you have been fired.

– Yes? Me!

–Yes, this is your paperwork.

– Who did it?

– Little sir.

–Rehan sir!


The sky seemed to fall on Anwesha’s head. What is this guy saying? Rehan Sir can’t see him, so he will be fired! Is dismissal so easy?

Anwesha remembers that the first day he came to interview for this job, an old man was the boss of this company, his name was Sharif Ahmed. He gave her the job. This one-year exploration has worked under him.

He was very appreciative of the work of exploration. She always looked like her own daughter and encouraged her to work. But suddenly he fell ill and his son Rehan Ahmed came as the boss of the company. And that is why this misfortune of the destiny of exploration happens. Rehan Sir is young in age, old in exploration. Maybe that’s why he’s so angry. From the beginning, he could not see the search. And when everyone in the company heard him praising his work, his manners, he was absolutely oiled. Anwesha became the poison in his two eyes. So you will be fired from the job!

He can’t think anymore. Where will a girl from a middle-class family like her suddenly get a job? Anxiety was interrupted when he saw Rehan walking away with a beautiful Western-dressed girl smiling. Her mind was poisoned with hatred towards the man.

Three years later.

– And tell us how much it burns! I want to marry a good girl, but I don’t want to do that.

–I told you that I can’t marry anyone but Samia.
–Look Rehan, your father and I both don’t like Samia. Samia is not worthy of you. And what will he understand the world? He wandered around with the boys all day and returned home after many nights. Rather, you should marry a worldly girl. You will be very happy to see it. We always want the best for you.

– Do whatever you want.

–Your father decided to go see the girl for you tomorrow. I will be ready soon. We will leave with you.

Mother left Rehan’s room. Rehan couldn’t say anything more. He has to do what his father has decided, now it is not possible for Rehan to disobey his father.

– I see mother, take off the veil a little.

Rehan came back to reality with his mother’s words, he had been thinking about Samia for so long. How could the girl sitting in front of him, whom he had not seen yet, tell Samia to break up the marriage.

But as soon as she opened the veil, Rehan was startled. Who is he looking at? Dismissed from the job three years ago is not that quest? Did you bring Rehan here to show him? The girl was similarly shocked to see Rehan! Dad pointed to Anbesha and said,

–Rehan, let me introduce you. This is Anbesha, whom you fired three years ago. Of course, you did well for him. He now works in a very high position, on his own merits. Very soon he changed his condition. Will improve further in the future. I don’t want to lose this precious diamond. So I want to marry Anbesha to you. Rehan doesn’t understand what to do. He said

–I want to talk alone with a little research.

– Well, go.

–You did this on purpose!

Listening to Rehan’s words makes Anbesha angry. But he said in a calm voice,

– Just as you were surprised to see me, so am I. Just like you didn’t know anything, I didn’t know anything about it.

– Well anyway, you know about me and Samia, will you still marry me?

– I will say that in front of everyone. Do you have anything else to say?

– No.    Romantic Story: Victory Smile – Love Story

Anwesha was in a dilemma. Sharif Ahmed was the ideal of exploration. With his inspiration, he has been able to cross so many paths. How to find his words? He also knows that if he marries Rehan, he will never be happy. He looked at Rehan thinking. The boy is looking at her. And the smile of victory can be seen in the corner of his lips. And could not bear the search. He decided that he would marry Rehan. He will not accept defeat in any way.
Wedding night.

Anwesha knows why only this night, no other night or day of her married life will be beautiful. He got married knowing everything.

Anwesha sighed. He is now staring at Rehan in a deep sleep. Sleeping Rehan looks so calm, innocent. Looking at him, Anbesha suddenly realized that in order to make this boy his own, he just has to love her, hatred will not work in this case.

12 o’clock at night.

Rehan has not returned yet. Maybe it will be too late to return. He is so late almost every day. And every day Anbesha sits down with food for Rehan. Knows though, Rehan will eat from outside. Even then, I think every day, maybe today will come and say, let’s have dinner together. But this hope of exploration never becomes a reality. Maybe Rehan is taking revenge on her for marrying against her will. Anwesha fell asleep with her head on the dining table thinking. I woke up to the touch of someone’s hand. He got up and saw Rehan’s mother standing there.

–Mom, you haven’t slept yet?

– I fell asleep. But I woke up and saw that you were still waiting for Rehan. In fact, I forgot to mention that Rehan called at 12 o’clock and said that he would not be able to come home.


–And how long will you wait for him like this, mother. My son could not recognize a target girl like you. Who knows what grief is in his forehead! Go, mom, go to the room and sleep. The other day they were seen at least at night. That did not happen today. Disappointed, Anbesha went to her room. He knows that Rehan may still be with Samia and her friends. Even today, like every night, the pillow got wet with tears. How long can it last like this, so think now!

Sharif Ahmed has asked Anbesha to rejoin their company. Anwesha is also happy doing this job. Because now he meets Rehan almost every day, although Rehan seems to be annoyed by this, it doesn’t matter. And the only reason Sharif Ahmed wants to give Anbesha a job in this company is to keep an eye on Rehan. Because Rehan has given Samia a job in this company as his assistant.

Maybe Rehan can’t mix with Samia like before. So lately, the relationship with him has gotten worse. Rehan blames Anbesha for any work. And on holidays, the amount of torture increases. She wants Anbesha to go to her father’s house as soon as possible. But the exploration does not go away. He puts up with everything. Rehan is surprised. Where does the girl get so much endurance!

A few days ago, Rehan’s parents went out of Dhaka. Will be back in a month. Rehan decided that this might be his last chance. In the meantime, Anbesha has to be chased away from home. So Rehan started using it randomly.

– Hey, did you cook it?

–Your favorite roasted khichuri and beef.

–Remember, is it messy or not? You can not cook, why go to cook?

Rehan was leaving the food. The search was interrupted.

–Don’t leave the food. It doesn’t fall into politeness.

– Shall I learn politeness from you? And if you think I’m rude, so am I. You didn’t remember that when you married me? Or when your parents saw that it would not be right for such a rich boy to lose his hand, they put you on my shoulders without seeing anything?

– Look, whatever else you do, don’t talk about my parents.

–Wow, your mouth is full of more words than before. Who have you been with lately? When I’m not at home, you’re fine, you can mix with others …

Anwesha lost her speaking language this time.

– What, why don’t you talk now?

– Tell me what you want. But I will not leave this house.

– Stay here, I’m gone.

–Where to go?

– I’ll eat from outside ..

Anwesha knows that Rehan is actually going to Samia.

He does not know how long he will have to stay like this. The ocean is becoming more and more difficult. Even then, there is no change in Rehan.

Sudden fever is the real quest. Maybe his mind can no longer bear the burden of pain. But after the fever came, Rehan’s torture seemed to increase. Not giving Anbesha a chance to rest, but suddenly said,

–Friends are not invited for many days. They will come today. And, they don’t want to eat outside. So you have to cook.

–How many will come?

–21 people!

Anwesha wondered, when did Rehan have so many friends? Even then he did not say anything. Understood, this may be Rehan’s last move.

Only he knows how hard it is for so many people to cook with this fever. Even then, seeing everyone eating with satisfaction filled Anbesha’s mind. And so far he has realized that not only Rehan’s friends but also Samia’s friends have been invited here. That’s why so many people!

After a while, he saw that Rehan had brought Samia by the hand. Looks like he’s very happy today.

Rehan addressed everyone and said,

–Friends, I’m getting married to Samia this month. And that’s why I organized this party.

The search suddenly seemed to shake the whole world. Her body was already weak, she couldn’t stand it anymore after hearing Rehan’s words on her, she lost consciousness…

Seeing Anbesha fall like this, Rehan didn’t flinch. He took Samia away.

Sihan, Rehan’s best friend, works for their company, so he has a good reputation with Anbesha. He was taken to the hospital from there.

A week later.

Anwesha has recovered a bit, but her body is still weak. He will return home from the hospital today. Not the father-in-law’s house, but his own house. Yes, Anbesha has accepted the rate. Rehan has given up. Somehow he could not take place in Rehan’s mind. So going back home. But not with an empty heart, with a merciful mind. Anwesha did not know when she fell in love with Rehan after winning. But without seeing Rehan this week, she realized how much she loves him. Although Rehan never came to see Anbesha this week, he did not look for her.

So Anbesha has decided that she will never find Rehan again. Anwesha has left Rehan’s house and gone to her own house, but she has not left her job yet. Because he was the one who was doing the job at his request, he has not come to Dhaka so far. So when she heard that Sharif Ahmed had come to Dhaka, Anbesha came to the office to give a resignation letter. When he gave his resignation letter to Sharif Ahmed, he repeatedly requested Anbesha to do the job, but he did not want to do the job for fear of meeting Rehan every day.

Romantic Story: Victory Smile – Love Story

As soon as he left the office, he saw that Rehan and Samia were going somewhere. They were so engrossed in love that they could not see a car coming towards them. When Samia saw the car, she left Rehan and moved away. Anwesha did not understand exactly what to do. He pushed Rehan away but had an accident with the car himself. The road was stained with blood. Rehan just stared in surprise.
Today Rehan is missing Anbesha very much. The cooking of her hands, her waiting for Rehan, the tearful Mayavara-drawn eyes, the calm smooth face, everything seems to be making waves in Rehan’s heart. Why didn’t he know Anbesha before, why didn’t he realize beforehand that Anbesha loved him the most, not Samia? On that day, in that time of danger, Anbeshai risked his life to save Rehan. And Samia left him and fled from there. Later, however, Samia came to explain the incident many times. But Rehan did not listen. Because all that is known has become known. But it’s too late to find out! Will Rehan get Anbesha now?

Romantic Story: Victory Smile – Love Story

Rehan decided to get rid of all the worries in his head, the day Anbesha will be able to walk again as before, the day he will be able to open his mind to Rehan until then he will serve her day and night. Because the search is now day and night, all! Yes, Anbesha survived that day! The driver of the car braked hard and Rehan rushed Anbesha to the hospital. Anwesha survived. Although she was injured in the leg, she cannot walk now. But due to the quick treatment that day, Anbesha escaped from being crippled.

After 3 months.

Sharif Ahmed gave a party at Rehan’s house on the occasion of Anbesha’s recovery. The party was given at Rehan’s request. Because if he had known that he had given a party, he might not have come to investigate. Anwesha still respects Sharif Ahmed a lot. So he can’t take his word for it. Of course, there are other reasons to give the party. Today is the wedding anniversary of Rehan and Anbesha. So today Rehan wants Anbesha to speak her mind. But after a long wait, when the search didn’t come, Rehan became frustrated. He wondered if Anbesha would at least give him a chance to apologize.

Just then, Anbesha was seen coming forward wearing Rehan’s favorite aquamarine sari. This color looks amazing! Rehan is getting angry at himself for missing this beauty for so long. While everyone was talking, Rehan grabbed Anbesha by the hand and led her to the roof. As Anbesha tries to shake hands, Rehan says,

–Are you still angry with me?

Anwesha remained silent.

– Shall I take your silence as a sign of consent? Well, needless to say. I say. So far I have hurt you a lot, I have heard a lot without understanding. I know you haven’t slept for me many nights. You have a lot of trouble in your mind. You didn’t let anyone understand, you never even complained to your parents, not to my parents. You have only made me indebted to your love day by day. Will you never let me repay this loan? Every moment spent with you after you left is just a reminder of you. I even miss your cooking khichuri and beef. You come back to me again. Please don’t give me back.

– Can you still just talk to yourself? Don’t let me say anything? Rehan was overjoyed to hear Anbesha’s words.

–Say, I’ve been waiting to hear from you for so long!

– I’ll be back to you on one condition!

Romantic Story: Victory Smile – Love Story

–What condition?

– My love loan but the interest has actually accumulated a lot. You have to pay for everything. And always be by my side. Never look at another girl. I can’t tell you how much it hurts to see you with another girl. If I see you hurt me again, I will rebel against you. And, I will pay the debt of khichuri and beef feeding! The everlasting sweet smile on the face of the search, the smile that Rehan has been waiting for so long to find! Rehan approached and hugged Anbesha and said,

–I love you so much and will love you forever. I will never let you suffer. I will keep you safe from all troubles. Anisha also hugged Rehan more tightly with absolute reliance. Tears of peace were seen in his eyes, victory smile on his face.

Romantic Story: Victory Smile – Love Story



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