Love story

Come on !! Read a love story

Come on !! Read a love story

There are some feelings in the world that are not easy to tell. The feelings of love seem to be nothing like that. In fact, no one will understand this feeling except that Tuku did not fall in love.
“Love” – ​​the word is small, but the subject is so simple and small! Love is something different – something big and huge. Maybe love ever stands alone in the face of a terrible storm. Maybe love ever hurts for someone …… or something else?
There is nothing to explain or write so much; That’s not the point.
Love is probably a different matter for one person all the time. Only one is addicted to love. The value of love is not so much for the life of two people together. There is more value in gratitude and responsibility.
I saw and heard the love of many people in life. Today I wrote these few eyewitness stories for Samur bloggers.
Come on !! Read a love story
# 1
About the year 2002-03. Then I used to read class six or seven. My cousin (we used to call him Shubh Dada) was in college
Read. Our aunt’s house was very close. So he often came to our house.
Although he was much older than us, he had a very close relationship with our brothers and sisters. So he told us one day that he was in love with his college classmate. At first, we didn’t believe it. At that time letters were exchanged between lovers. He often showed his girlfriend’s name at the end of the letter.
This went on for several days. One day I heard that Shubh Dada had taken many sleeping pills together. Khala-Khalu took Dada to the hospital. The gist of what I heard later was that his lover was getting married. He took sleeping pills to mourn.
Getting married may not have been a problem. The real problem was, my grandfather was a Hindu and his girlfriend was a Muslim. Naturally, my aunt and uncle did not accept this unequal love.
A few days later, her lover got married. Shubh Dada took drugs to mourn him. Aunt Khalu admitted Dada to a drug addiction treatment center. A few days later he recovered from there. Then his ex-girlfriend got in touch with his grandfather, but by then it was too late.
Come on !! Read a love story
# 2
Then I just took the SSC exam. The next three months of the exam are completely free. So I was admitted to a computer training center in the area.
So Tapu Bhai was the instructor there. He lived in a mess in front of our house. A few days later I found out the answer to the question of why he left his family and stayed in the mess.
Tapu Bhai was a Hindu before. He fell in love with a Muslim girl in his area. The girl made it a condition that she would marry Tapu Bhai only if she could become a Muslim.
On the one hand, there was the religion of the fathers and on the other hand, there was love. Tapu Bhai chose the second path. According to her lover, Tapu Bhai became a Muslim. But Tapubhai’s family did not accept his conversion. He was kicked out of the house.
This was the story of Tapu Bhai’s mess. The girl for whom he left his religion, moved away from his family, got married somewhere else after that.
It was very bad for him to hear the whole story. Maybe some people have bad luck, maybe some people can’t match the amount of love.
Come on !! Read a love story
# 3
This story is about two ugly classmates from my college life. Me, Manna, Arup, Shaheen, these four of us were very close friends in college. So Shyama first met Arup while going for a private study with Ahmed Sir.
We have not given the result of the SSC exam yet. Apart from Ahmed Sir, they also studied in the same batch with Liton Sir. From there, Arup’s love for Shyama started. Of course, in this case, the ugly can not be blamed. Shyama was also beautiful to look at that level. The color of her skin was as fair as she was tall and beautiful. Most of the boys in the class were crushed towards Shyama.
Anyway, after the result of SSC, we got admitted to the college. Shyama but then he did not know who the ugly Shyama likes. After the class started, the girls would sit at the very end of the bench on the side where they were sitting. So that he can see Shyama as soon as he turns his head. And when the college was off, Shyama would follow.
Girls’ sixth sense is very strong when it comes to love. Shyama did not say that she liked him with her ugly face, but she understood.
It took two years to see it that way. Arup Shyama could not speak his mind. We took the HSC exam. Gave test results. Everyone in our circle of friends passed. But it seemed ugly.
Come on !! Read a love story
Everyone in the class already knows who Shyama likes. Arup gave the next test. Fell again. Shyama was admitted to the Forestry of Chittagong University in those days.
Anyway, I have met Arup many times since he left college because he is a close friend. I often asked him about Shyama.
I would say, “Why didn’t you propose to him? Maybe he would have agreed.”
She said, “I proposed to her when I was in college. (Although until then I knew that Arup Shyama had never said anything like that).
It was raining a lot that day. Manna, Shaheen (my other two friends from college) told Arup a lot that day that if you propose, you have to do it today. Arup stood in front of Shyama’s house. When Shyama was entering his house, Arup called Shyama’s name. Shyama heard Arup’s call and came in front of him.
He said to Arup, “What’s the matter !! Why are you getting wet in the rain?”
Then Arup proposed to Shyama. The girl left that day without saying anything to Arup.
Of course, that was the story. Even today Arup waits for a day all year long. Because on that one day of the year Shyama comes to the temple to see the puja and on that day he sees Shyama from near.
Come on !! Read a love story

# 4

It’s the strangest love story I’ve ever seen. This is the story of another close friend of mine, Emon. If I hadn’t known Emon’s story, I probably wouldn’t have known that girls are deceitful.

Like Arup, Manna, Shaheen, he is also my college friend. So in the first year of his first HSC pass, he took admission tests in many public universities. But for the first time, he did not get a chance anywhere. Tried again next year.

So his first meeting with Polly was probably to take the Jessore University of Science and Technology exam. The first shows a little talk between them, then the exchange of mobile numbers. This is how their relationship started. Then a few days passed. Emon was admitted to a college in Dhaka and Polly was admitted to Jagannath University.
There was regular communication between the two people and since both of them were in Dhaka, they were seen occasionally. Of course, in the beginning, they were just friends. Besides, another boy had a relationship with Polly before he met Emon. Since they had a friendly relationship at first, Emon knew about Polly’s relationship in advance.
Come on !! Read a love story
So a few days later, Polly catches a crack about her boyfriend. As Polly’s friend, Emon tries hard to keep the relationship going, but in the end, they break up. After a break-up, the mood of the lovers is not very good. At that time Emon was a very close friend of Polly. He gave Polly a lot of mental support at that time. Thus their intimacy gradually increased.
So one day Polly said to Eamon since we have known each other for so long and we have a very good understanding. So the two of us
Come on !! Read a love story
I can go to the relationship.
It is usually seen that boys propose to girls. But when a girl proposes to a boy, it is very difficult for the boy to give her back. Moreover, if you have been in contact with a girl for a long time, it is normal to be weak towards that girl. That is what happened to my friend Emon. The two fell in love with each other.
Some of Emon’s days went very well. They began to fall in love. Talking at night, giving gifts to each other on birthdays, going on dates. This is exactly what love means today.
So another friend of Polly’s started listening to Polly. The boy goes to the national university, and you go to the public university. This boy’s status does not match your family status. There was so much more to Polly’s ears.
This is how their love began to crack. Poor Emon tried hard to keep the relationship going but to no avail. A few days later, they broke up.
As I said before, break up is a very difficult time for lovers. The boyfriend is addicted to alcohol and cannabis to forget about his ex-girlfriend. Something similar happened to my friend Emon. Anyway, Eamon comes back from that situation a few days later. Emon later wanted to take revenge on Polly, but I refused.
I told her, “She’s gone, she’s gone, she’s been blown away. I’ll just forget about her.”
But the funny thing is that after breaking up with Emon, that ex-girlfriend Polly fell in love with another man again. (Most likely number three love).


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