Love story

Unsatisfied love story

Unsatisfied love story

Bangladesh is a temperate country. Not too hot or too cold. A district surrounding the Himalayas. Dinajpur is the largest district in North Bengal. Rajin in litchi color this district. Education is also ahead in terms of initiation. There are many educational institutions.
There are universities of science and technology. A boy has been admitted by proving himself to be the best in this market of current competition by winning the admission test results. His name is Abir. Its location in the north-west corner of Bangladesh.

First-year classes began. Everyone is getting to know themselves. The class met with each other in the story.

The class started in full swing. Gradually everyone became friends with everyone. Everyone is having a lot of fun with the teachers’ jokes. Unsatisfied love story
Looking at each other trying to understand the feelings of the mind. Many are also getting smiles. Abir is also in it. He is looking at everyone. At such a time a girl seems very familiar to him. A girl looks like one of his girlfriends. That girlfriend was his very favorite. However, for some reason, the communication was closed for many days. Seeing one of them like a lost girlfriend, he looked at her again and again with great attention.
The girl was very beautiful to look at. Misty’s name is Kumi. Whenever he gets a chance, he sees her in the classroom. I remember seeing and smiling. Notices his speed rules. Many days passed to see. This time an educational tour was organized to learn something by changing the weather. Everyone is happily preparing for the picnic. Here comes the expected day. Everyone is very well dressed. That girl is wearing a beautiful red sari. She looked pretty. Abir is looking at him again and again. It was a great picnic.
The entertainment is over. The class started again as usual. A few days later there was a summer vacation ahead. Everyone went home to spend the holidays. One day Abir got the girl’s number from a friend’s mobile. Number to him, the mind also wants to talk. He never spoke after that. In the meantime, Ramadan came to the fore. Eid-ul-Fitr. It is the turn of inviting friends through SMS, the invitation message is being sent to everyone’s number. The crocodile number is omitted. Received return SMS from many. Even from the crocodile.
He got a lot of courage after getting the answer to the message. Now I have the courage to talk on the phone. Abir called just in the afternoon towards Eid. Hello.

Who says?

The first minute was an identity-related complication, then going pretty well.
Hey, I don’t know Abir, your classmate. How are you

Let’s go for a while, Abir is feeling pretty good.

He was enjoying talking with a smile in a melodious voice. Thus began talking on the phone. He repeatedly remembered the words of that pleasant conversation. The mind wants to talk again and again. He would intelligently record the conversations. He used to listen to them from time to time. In this way, the holidays would pass. Why didn’t he spend time at his house? So I spent time talking. Sometimes he would call her and hear her sweet voice. And if there was no balance on the phone, he would listen to the record and fulfill his wish.
How much longer do you have to wait? For the day, when most of the day will be spent watching him. That girl will be in the spotlight. After much thought and planning, the campus opened. Everything regained its momentum. The busy time for class exams began. I used to talk to him many times to know when he would go to campus. He wants to come to the campus and call the girl.
Where am I?

On-campus. Wow, you understand very well. Unsatisfied love story

The night before the class started, the message was given to him, wait for a little after the class tomorrow. The girl was quite polite. At the end of the class. It’s about two people. Abir told him, you look just like one of my girlfriends!

A: Well, I got it at varsity again. Hearing this, both of them smiled.

Abir can’t talk to girls face to face. It’s as if a fear works inside him. Even after that, the day ended well. As the sun rose every day, so did Abir remember him every day. We met in class but did not talk. They would come to the room at night. He used to share the happy times of the day through words. Abir’s roommate was his friend. She was much more encouraged to speak. Reminded him.
He would close the room and talk so that no one would bother him. We talked like this almost every day. After talking for many days, his roommate advised Abir. If you like it, say it without delay. After all, the roommate’s recommendation after his own love, if these two are together, can it be delayed?
Thinking this, Abir started looking for opportunities. How to say the emotion hidden in his mind, his love. One day after sunset he thought. There are many stars in the sky today. The wind is blowing nicely. Maybe he called her with the idea that it would be a good result. There is a lot of tension working inside him. For the first time in his life, he liked a girl so much. And he will speak his mind. He also took advice from his roommate on how to say this. In any case, he will speak with faith in the advice of others and in himself. He said after searching over the phone
I would like to talk to you today.
Tell me.

No, not today, I’ll tell you another day.

Kumi: No, I have to say it today, since you are ready to say it. So I have to say today. I will not listen to you later.
Abir: He said he couldn’t find a way. “I like you,” he said boldly in fear. Hearing this, he is smiling a lot in his mind. And saying, I like you?
Yes, that’s right.
Kumi: It might look good! I thought I’d talk to you. And now I see that you are being called a lot of freelancers, you talk to everyone with whom you mix more. Now if I tell you, will you remember anything?

Abir did not say anything without thinking, there is no problem. All right. Bye.

In this way, he opened his mind to the first girl. Although Abir could not explain everything. If not, it will be a problem again and again. And now he says he is in danger. You have been talking for so many days. Now he may have lost it. What is upset is the result. You start from you or not. That is the thing to see now.
About 1 hour later, the class called him. The thing is the same as before. I mean, you talked. Abir got courage in his mind. At least the previous position is upheld. Talking again every day. It’s been a long time. One day Kumi said to him in the middle of talking, I will say a word? Unsatisfied love story
Say yes
Would you mind?
Say no, Abir agreed.
Kumi: You call me every day because you like it.
Q: If you call for love, don’t call again. Because I will suffer later. And if you call as such a friend, then you can give. I have no objection to speaking.

Abir understood. Did he ask, why the problem?

I like someone just as much as I like you. Kumi replied. Abir said nothing, if I call, talk a little better.
Kumi then smiled and said something, but you have a lot of courage, a few of us lived together, we did not have the courage to talk. You said it with a lot of courage. Of course, I told my mother about you, I’m free with my mother, I share everything. Mom said, if you like, you can do it. ‘I just can’t finish reading and listen to these things. No worries at the moment. Kumi commented on this.
Abir had hoped as little as before. It decreased a lot. Even after that, he seemed to be stuck in an unknown hope. He almost talked on the phone.
Time then love. It means Valentine’s Day. Everyone is going to go around with their favorite people in a very new outfit. Abir did not expect such a big turn. Just wanted to see him in a red sari. There was a feeling in his mind. He did not meet. But the girl went somewhere with a boy.
Knowing this, he had a good attitude towards her. Abir realized his mistake that day. He wanted to reduce love and bring it to zero. Although not completely, he is very successful. And don’t expect so much from him.
Now Abir has improved a lot. Well-written stories, poems, songs. Yet he was not satisfied with love. I couldn’t forget more than I forgot. Even after so many things, he almost remembered. Because that was his first love.Unsatisfied love story


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