Love story

Love story – love at the fingertips!

Love story – love at the fingertips

Today is the last day of the Braille class course in Tokyo. I was the only one in the whole class who could see. Su Shi, the Japanese girl asked, “Why are you learning Braille?” love at the fingertips

That was six months ago. The scholarship will be in Japan. The last few days in the country wanted to tour a little.

It has been a long time since I went to my uncle’s house in Chittagong. That’s where I met Sumi. They rent Mama’s house. Her father is an engineer. The girl does not look like a flower! The thought made me feel bad. I used to talk to him every day.

As a child, he lost his eyesight after an accident. She wants to see flowers, morning hyacinth flowers. Rainbow after rain. Very willing to tour. Facebook, Skype — these worlds are unknown to Sumi.

I fell in love with Sumi’s world. When he reads a book at the touch of a finger, I also want to know what he reads. It’s called Braille. Dot by dot on the tip of the finger conveys the world of a strangely beautiful language.

The day I came from Chittagong, I realized that I had fallen in love with Sumi.

I am stuck in a complex dilemma. Will Sumi misunderstand me? Will you feel pity like the blind heroine of the movie? Does he love someone else, or not on the bus? What if he gives me back?

One day I moved to Tokyo. Admitted to Braille class. The first three words I learned to type and read, the last one was ‘Love’.

I felt like I had conquered the world. Now I will go to Sumi and say with the typed paper, ‘Sumi, this is for you.’ But can a life be lived with just three words? Can’t go

Su Shi, today I learned Braille to get a love. To fill a lightless life with my eyes.

When I came to the country, I first went to Chittagong. Straight away I am ringing the bell of Sumid’s flat. A Braille typed letter in hand. I will hand it over to Sumi. I am stunned by the thought of what Sumi will do if she falls in love with the tip of her finger.

‘Who do you want?’

Same! Sumi is looking at me, but can’t recognize me. Can recognize after identification.

‘Oh, sorry brother. I had eye surgery last month. I can see now. I didn’t see you before, so I didn’t recognize you. ‘

I should be very happy. To be swept away in joy. My Sumi gets to see it now. But with the typed letter in my hand, I am drowning in a sea of ​​surprising uncertainty.

The tips of my fingers become numb.

Love story – love at the fingertips


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