Life story

Life story Neela is a beautiful girl of 16 or 17 years

Life story Neela is a beautiful girl

A beautiful 16 or 17-year-old girl named Neela has joined our office.
About seven or eight months ago today. His job is to clean the office, go to the bank and do outside work. The very nice beautiful dress comes later. Myanmar girl.
The first day I saw him, I talked to him a little. Who is at home?
How long have you been in the bank, where do you stay, etc? It was very good.

When we meet every morning, I ask, have you eaten anything in the morning? Some day he answers, I have eaten, someday not, I will eat later.

One day he said in words that he has money in the country and sends money for them. Takes inquiries on the phone.

I usually give him some money when he goes out to work so he can buy a glass of Ovaltine or ice cream and eat it. He takes. Some don’t want to take a day off. Still insisting.

The incident a few days ago. Our office has two computers in the computer shop, with printers.
I have to go and check if everything is ok. I took Sapphire with me. Talking to him on the go. I said it doesn’t feel bad for your parents. Stay alone in this foreign country?

Suddenly he said, I don’t have a real mother, I have a father. Dad remarried. I have three siblings in that house. I grew up with my grandmother.
The money I send home is for my grandmother. My grandmother lives with my father. I call my grandmother.

I asked, where is your mother?
You don’t have a real mother and I don’t know for so many days! You didn’t tell me before! When I was 9 months old, my mother left me and came to Thailand for work.

Two years after coming here, he married a Pakistani. Then he went to Pakistan with her. Or he has two sons there. I grew up hearing all these stories. Because my grandmother’s house is not far from my grandmother’s house. As well as villages.

I said you never looked for your mother when you were growing up. He said that a few days ago someone showed him a picture, his mother is on Facebook.
But he does not want to see. I said, why not want to see my mother?

I saw Sapphire saying sadly, wanting to see. But that mother has left me. Never looked for me, my grandmother raised me. My grandmother will get very cost if I contact my mother.

So even though I know my mother is on Facebook, I don’t take her news. My grandmother is also in the bank. Takes my news from others. But do not dare to come to me.

I said why are you thinking negatively about your mother? Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic-driven world of Earl.

It was not so easy then to get a job or settle down. Maybe she had no hand in everything that happened in your mother’s life. Maybe he had no choice in this matter. So maybe she got involved with the Pakistani man and was forced to marry him. So do you think he forgot you? Maybe I haven’t forgotten you.

Thinks every day, but can’t tell anyone. Maybe he takes your news secretly, maybe you don’t know. Don’t be angry with your mother. Your mother will meet you one day or another. I pray that.

Neela said in a haughty voice, “I don’t want my mother to meet me.” Why he left me and why he never looked for me.

I began to think in my mind how diverse human life is. There are hundreds of such incidents in the life of such people.

I know that one day maybe he will meet his mother and talk. Hug each other. Then maybe this anger will no longer exist. But when that day? Will that day really come in Neela’s life?

I want that day to come in Neela’s life. Let him put his head on his mother’s chest and cry, let’s forget all pride. Let this world become just mother and daughter.

Life story Neela is a beautiful girl



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