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One day they get lost but no one ever knows their mind

One day they get lost but no one ever knows their mind (Life Story)

A strap of a small shirt under the shirt came out of the weak dirty brown body to press the chest. Didn’t notice, the 16-year-old girl, an employee of Sohail Garments, was busy bargaining with the shopkeeper.

Chumki did not notice, but some vultures sitting in the hope of hunting, the dog has just found that shame! When the girl regained consciousness after hearing some heated words from the side, she bowed her head in shame.

He felt like a lonely man on Earth, a man from all the other planets around him … he was alone!

So many eyes are swallowing the shame of a small girl like this! Chumki thinks I could commit suicide at this moment !!

You can’t live with so much shame. Hateful eyes can’t lift up.

Oh … Chumki is trying to live like that day by walking fast on small legs … Every feeling is hurt by some words of the vulgar language of the boys of the polite house from behind! No one bothers the rich Dulalis wearing top jeans.

What’s wrong? Poor house girls do not have youth in the body? Once the veil is removed from the chest, the father also looks at it differently lately. In the eyes of the father, he saw the similarity in the look of these boys on the street!

When you go to the store, sixty-year-old uncle Abdul does not leave without saying bad things! Something that shows greed … Nowadays, people don’t talk without touching the supervisor in garments.

Repeatedly trying to get the hand inside! Chumki can’t stand all this filth! Hatred has taken hold of people, hatred has taken hold.

To this burnt body! Chumki also dreams like a normal girl; In a dream, without looking at the body of the prince of dreams, he will raise his face and say, “Chumki, why are you so beautiful? I love you Chumki!” Chumki will be red with shame, will believe, will love, will hold hands forever …

The dream is shattered, Chumki only sees some greedy eyes around. There is no love in that vision, there is only filth and hatred…

As a child, I was given a separate room for love. (Life Story)

The door of that house is closed with hatred, shame, and filth. He hates men forever. Marrying in the words of the family that a stranger can never love her either; Can’t even understand that! A man without love survives waiting for his last farewell…

Chumkis get lost one day but no one ever knows their minds, no one.

One day they get lost but no one ever knows their mind (Life Story)


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