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There was talk of the monsoon coming late

There was talk of the monsoon coming late

It was said that Shimul would take 23 steps for Arpita on the first day of the rainy season. On that day, Arpita will step on the 23rd. So this whim. Shimul will protect this whim, it is not very difficult for him. Shimul told Arpita on the same day that he did not want the blue lotus anymore.
How many steps did you want? It doesn’t matter.

When Shimul appeared in front of Arpita with 22 roses on the first day of the last monsoon, Arpita laughed and said to Shimul, Ish! Empty roses and roses! Do not know the first day of Ashar today!

He could have taken a step. Since then, Shimul has been waiting for the dawn, when will the holy Ashar come again, when will the white-yellow footsteps come again.

In the hour of tomorrow, heavy rain has appeared today. It had rained a lot the night before. Shimul fell asleep on a rainy night. The sound of her mother’s voice wakes her up. 11 o’clock in the afternoon! Get up guys, get up…

There was talk of the monsoon coming late

After waking up, Shimul goes to the living room, keeps an eye on the newspaper while sipping a cup of tea. A huge picture of a bunch of steps on the front page of the magazine, below the caption ‘You have donated the first step of a rainy day — today is the first Ashar, the first of the rainy season …’ That’s all he can read.

Suddenly his eyes became blurred, a blurry image floated in the mirror of his mind, ‘… even if he took a step he could.’

Shimul grabbed the grill of the bedroom window and looked outside. Far-sighted looking for Kadam tree. Where are the people who will plant kadamgacha in this bersik city! He immediately remembered that this year’s monsoon has come late. Before the rains came, Arpita was suddenly stolen by a foreigner.

On that day, Shimul really wanted the rain to come before Arpita was stolen, the rain to fall or the trees to burst … it didn’t happen anymore.


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