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The best love of child and mother

The best love of child and mother

Eat a little more Dad: How much more to eat mom! Later my stomach will burst .. !!

– Who knows if this is khas or khas ..! I know I can’t eat outside …

~ Hmm, you are right .. what happened to the body after not eating … Dad joined me.

: So how much more will you feed me .. Fahim came home yesterday after many days.

But he will leave today. Before leaving, he sat down to eat with his parents. And this kind of torture starts as soon as you sit down to eat. Fahim doesn’t like such a pair of food. So it seems to be torture ..

– Come tomorrow and leave today? And if you do not stay two days? (Mother jiggles in a very bad mood)

: No, a mother has to go today. Hearing Fahim’s clear answer, his mother’s eyes began to water.

He remained silent without saying anything.

: Dad, look, in the eyes of a mother, it seems that the flood of 1988 has started. Anyone who falls into this water will drown. Fahim laughed when he said that. Dad and Mom laughed together. Fahim has been naughty since childhood. Such a serious moment can not do without mischief.

But now if he hadn’t said that in a mischievous way, he wouldn’t have been able to see the smile on his mother’s face.

But Fahim knows exactly what will happen if he smiles a little, he will go to another room and cry alone.

He will cry more after he leaves. That’s why mom is so emotional !! This is what all mothers think.

Fahim has no siblings. Ever since Fahim was admitted to varsity, his parents have been living alone at home. That is why Fahim suffers as much after leaving home as his parents are happy. This time there is more trouble because this time Fahim has only stayed for one day. Who knows why he didn’t stay even after saying so much .. Growing up, he doesn’t want to hear anything now.

And what would have happened if two days! It’s time to go.

: Mom, Dad come.

-Okay. Take care of yourself.

But I will eat properly. I will study with my mind. And leave as soon as you get a holiday.

Fahim noticed that a few drops of water came out of his mother’s eyes as he spoke. Fahim also saw Baba Tao trying to hide his eyes. Fahim just wonders why parents love their children so much … Parents are watching and watching the boy leave. They are staring as far as can be seen .. The boy has slowly gone out of sight. Not seen anymore.

It’s 12 o’clock at night. The date on the calendar is February 27 today. Fahim’s parents are sitting and remembering their memories of twenty-two years ago. They have married on this day twenty-two years ago.

How twenty-two years have passed. In fact, it is not clear when and how time passes. Twenty-two years ago this day was so festive and noisy. But today I know how they feel lonely.

The only boy is not there. They wanted to spend the day with their son Fahim.

The best love of child and mother

Some relatives will also be invited. But the boy is gone. Even after saying so much, he did not stay. What would have happened if one day! Of course, Fahim may not remember that today is a special day for his parents.

Mom and Dad didn’t tell him. The boy may have left for an emergency. After hearing this, if he doesn’t go to that urgent work later. Or if you are upset because you can’t stay at home even if you go ..

So Fahim was not told. They are sitting upset. Mother’s mind is a little worse. That is normal. Mother’s mind speaks…

Suddenly someone knocked on the door. Who will come so late at night! Both parents went to open the door. As soon as he opened the door, he heard a familiar voice saying – “Happy marriage day mom, dad. I love you so much” mom and dad stared in surprise. : Where are you from ????? You didn’t leave today. I said there is urgent work.

– I didn’t actually go. Today is your special day. To you

I did that performance to give a surprise. I know how much you would suffer without me.

And how can I hurt my parents! I love you more than I love myself. Mother’s eyes filled with tears when she heard such words on her face. Dad doesn’t stop. He hugged the boy.

– It’s over, don’t cry anymore. Let’s cut the cake. I brought the cake. And first, you get ready. Here is mother sari for you and dad Punjabi for you.

: Why did you go to bring these again?

– Do what I say. Mom and Dad just want to say they are very happy with this boy …..

The best love of child and mother



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