Life story

Give me something every Eid, let’s be happy

Before Eid …

‘Give me something every Eid. Don’t buy anything without listening to this time. ‘

‘Why? Didn’t you like any of the ones I gave before? My taste is so bad! ‘

‘Don’t do the riddle! Listen to what I’m saying. You better give me the money. I will buy whatever I want. ‘

I was quite surprised to hear the words from Avanti’s mouth. Why did he suddenly ask for money? Never asked for anything from me. I often take money from him out of embarrassment. Most of the time that is no longer refundable.

It so happened that I bought a gift from Abanti on her birthday or on a special occasion with money. Has accepted it with a smile. This time he made a demand with such emphasis. I have to keep it.

Eid day …

– How long will it take you to come?

– Roughly 20 minutes.

– Don’t be late. I can’t wait.

I told Abanti about 20 minutes on the day of Eid. If it was another day, it would not have taken less than 2 hours and 20 minutes to reach the destination. The feeling of riding a rickshaw on an empty road is different. Seeing a flower shop in front, he stopped the rickshaw and bought a bunch of red roses. The address given by Abanti is unknown to me.

However, relying on the rickshaw puller, I reached there within the stipulated time. Abanti is wearing a pink sari at the head of a narrow alley. I handed him the flowers.

How many roses are there?

– It will be 10-12 o’clock.

– Wherever I take you, there are a few times more flowers. That flower may be deprived, unable to bloom due to lack of care, but it is not so insensitive.

I was almost dragged into an old house. In the light peeking through the broken window, I saw many children standing in line. Seeing us welcomed in unison. Food cooked in two large pots next to it.

Sughran is coming from there. Avanti’s eyes widened happily. Applet says in his voice, you didn’t take the matter well that day but today you must have made a mistake. I wanted to do something for the street children with the money without spending it for myself. I cooked with my own hands. We will eat with them this afternoon. Do you have no objection?

Stay away from objections, my fascination has crossed the line by then. Once I looked at Avanti’s face and again at the children, I repeatedly failed to determine the level of happiness. Is there a sweeter scene in the world than a small initiative that forgets division and makes everyone happy? Give me something every Eid


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