Love story

Love is the main weapon on the battlefield

Love is the main weapon on the battlefield

Meghla: Do you love me?

– Shiplu: Hmm, Basito.

-Meghla: How much do you love me?

-Shiplu: A lot, a lot, from my life

I love you more.

– Meghla: If I die.

-Shiplu: Damn crazy, don’t even say these things, I’m in trouble.

– Meghla: Really if I die.

-Shiplu: Then what will I do if I survive, I will also die.

-Meghla: Remember why you die for me crazy?

-Shiplu: I love you so much. I can’t imagine anything but you.

– Meghla: You love me so much. But I don’t think I can get you. Our little nest of happiness will suddenly stop in the middle.

– Shiplu: Why do you think all this is yours. I think you love me more for this.

-Meghla: I’m so afraid of losing you. A small dream of mine will be your wife, I will be by your side all my life happily and sadly.

-Shiplu: The deeper the love, the more terrible it becomes. You love me more so I’m always afraid to lose.

– Meghla: Now I understand why people commit suicide. Love can be so cruel that people taste death even when they are alive. Again, some people cannot bear the pain of love and surrender themselves to death.

-Shiplu: Death cannot be the solution to anything. Rather it destroys everything. There is a time of sorrow in everyone’s life but if we have to accept this sorrow then the time of happiness will come.

-Meghla: But the time of sorrow is very long. And there is unbearable pain in the chest.

-Shiplu: The human life cycle is ongoing, it does not stop for anyone.

Just like happiness and sorrow and running. Life means sharing happiness and sorrow.

Love means the strength of the mind. And love must be conquered with this power. Life is a battlefield. And love is the main weapon of the battlefield.



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