Love story

The love story painted in a dream

 I painted in a dream

I was then in Class Four A, R and Three. My younger sister and I studied in the same class and they were very good girlfriends. I was the second boy in the class. Whatever he was, we were four friends. Me, Sifat, Rihad and Mahi. We didn’t have a pair of naughtiness and monkeyism. I was the hero.

Sifat was the planning master, Rihad was the intelligence provider and Mahi was the best at intimidating. But the hero was just a name, I was the guinea pig of Sifat’s intelligence. He would invent new methods and verify the evidence with me.

But one of my habits is to toss before making any decision. If Shapla rises, the work will be done, otherwise, it will be canceled.

I will now give an example of our monkey. Being in class four, we were very interested in the love thing. We used to talk every day about who would be the wife. The three of them liked each other one day but my choice was to surround one person every day. And we were friends and that’s why we always talked about him.

Our conversation was about how I would tell him my mind and how he would accept it. I started to think of myself as a good e-hero after watching Hindi movies, so the thought of refusing the proposal did not come to my mind. And Sifat! This beta would come up with a system to propose every day.

Once it was decided, “When he comes to school, Sifat will stop him in the street and tell him that no one can save you from us today, then I will go and save him from Sifat. “What else is the role of an action hero.

the love story painted in a dream

But Mahir objected to this, saying, “If anyone sees me on the school street, it will make the situation worse. This is his fear. Rihad rebuked him and said- you don’t have to worry about this, you keep quiet. The decision is final. The day before the plan would be implemented, I don’t think the toss was made. I tossed, people got up … all the last plans. Sifat Bechara’s face turned black. But the poor thing did not give up, a few more wits came out at once.

Another plan was that when he came to our house with my sister, he would have to be thrown into the pond anyway. Then I will rescue her from the water, the heroine will be tilted in one scene. Mahi said “But what if he dies? What if you can’t pick it up? Rihad said, “You don’t have to be afraid, we are here, if he can’t lift, we will help.” Plan final. But here he tossed the coin.

Another time Rihad planned to leave a letter secretly in his book during the Tiffin period. When he goes home and opens the book, he will see my letter, he will not sleep all night thinking about me, etc etc ….

Then I stopped, the work of a coward who secretly left a letter like this. Everyone will love the hero. When I have made love, I will give flowers directly to the hero like a hero without giving a secret letter, and I will say .. “This one wants to be your true friend, Mom.”

Oh yes, I forgot to say, my name is Apan, and the one we have been talking about for so long is Mom.

Then my plan was tossed, wow! Shapla Rani came up. So the decision is final. The next two days in the afternoon, after the game, planning is done and it will be told how to do it.

All right. So the next day after school I saw him and called out, “Hey Mom.”

– What happened?

My heart then began to run like a motorcycle. It was as if he was afraid of shame. On top of that, my sister is standing next to him and looking at me. Now if I don’t have the rule of hero, then the sister will go home and tell me everything. Then someone said from inside his head – “Run, run, run.” “But if I run, it will not be long before my heroic title turns into cowardly. I said slowly- nothing, go mom.

Then I survived that day in Kunam. The friend gave such a bush. Prestige is the end of me. Then I decided in my mind, I will not say it orally. You have to write the letter, and you have to hand it over to Birdarpe. However, I did not tell any of my friends. You have to do it alone. The toss was made, and this time everything was fine.

Then the next day I wrote on a beautiful piece of paper with a blue ink pen –

“I love you mom, make this your true self.”

It was decided to send the letter after the holiday. And by my good fortune; My sister did not come to school that day. Shortly before the holiday, I felt as if I had decorated the letter with a lot of color pens. I don’t know if the letter is beautiful, but I feel at peace. It is when you find peace in expressing love.

Holiday bells and chest bells started ringing together. I handed the letter to him and said, “I will go home and wear it.” The next day Kuno did not go to school for fear of an unknown. The next day I went to the school and saw that everyone was looking at me like a thief. God knows, did everyone know my love story or not! I asked my friends, they don’t know anything. Ulta gave me a broom, why did I go to do this without telling them.

During the tiffin period, Bangla called Sir. I appeared in Sir’s room with fear in my chest. Sir just asked one thing – “What do you have to say at home, you are old enough to get married ?? “I just went. Kunmat replied “No sir. “

And then began E’s lecture. I didn’t like Sir’s class, so I had to read this lecture. In the end, I had to promise Sir that I would never do that again.

I went to Sifat and declared that all this love would not be loved by me. Sifat said- “Doesn’t it mean? Hey, everything will be fine with you. Have you ever seen a story where the heroine wins without being beaten by the villain? Didn’t you see? Then understand. Now you assume that, in your story, Sir E is a villain, you assume Sir’s broom as a beating. Now your love will be successful. “

I saw the light of hope, but I said – “But I promised Sir, I will not do this again. “

Rihad said- “Hey! It is not to keep promises. ”

Sifat said – Now listen, you will tell E-Mum today “If you didn’t say love, what did you need to say to Sir?” Khamakha sighed so hard. Anyway, sir, as I was being scolded, I realized again that I really love you. I hope you understand me one day. “I will leave after saying this. Then let’s have fun.

I told my mother that day. Who knows what! I saw tears in the corner of my eye. The annual examination started from the next day. Some of the tests did not happen for a few days. After the test, all our family members left the village and moved to the city. What’s wrong with me then. I can’t tell anyone, I can’t do anything.

Now I am at the village house. Mum’s older sister’s wedding. Just half an hour ago, a girl named Mom handed me a piece of paper, I have been thinking about the paper for so long, but I can’t find the meaning, and I can’t find her.

We moved to Mamra and the city a few years after we moved to the city. But since the house was far away, I never met my sister on the phone. I don’t want to talk sometimes, but it’s not. When I was in class eight or nine, I used to laugh a lot with my friends about that childhood story. But when I read Intermediate, when I look at another girl, I think of her. Many times I wanted to tell my sister to ask Mom to come to our house. But I couldn’t say it.

the love story painted in a dream

A year ago, when the results of my sister and her intermediate came out, I had a chance to see her. I took my sister and the sweets of the result to their house. I couldn’t take my eyes off him at first sight. Who would have thought that a girl in class three would grow up so soon. And no one can praise the form of the one whom the Creator has given such a form, nor could I. I was in a daze all day that day.

After 2-3 months to visit our real home. From then on, my sister’s relationship with him became like a childhood again. He used to come to our house from time to time. My sister would go too. He started talking to me. But listening to him, it did not seem that he remembered the words of his childhood. But I could not forget anything. I wonder why I still love him. At his invitation, I came to his sister’s wedding. I am still sitting with the letter or note in my hand. But I don’t understand anything. People may lose the power to think when they are surprised. I lost too. Correspondence –

“If you are your own, then your world,

And if you are not yours, then everything is after you. “

My condition is weak to recover the meaning of these two lines. And in order to save him from this state of weakness, it is as if Sifat emerged from Kuththe.

– Who? What is it in hand? A love letter or not?

– I don’t know, friend Sifat took the paper. Said

– Who cares? Mom or what?

– Hmm

– Then why are you still standing, son? Which soon

– What do you mean? Where to go?

– Son! Mom is calling you. He wants to be my thinker. Hahahaha

– Are you telling the truth?

– So what’s next? Run

– Okay, I went. It turns out that Mom is standing in the dark.

While leaving, Sifat called and said – Kiri? Don’t toss?

– Oh yes yes. The toss was not made. Hurry up.

Sifat coin stabbed upwards. The coin is spinning. With what seemed to be spinning in my head. I grabbed the coin before I did. He looked questioningly. I said –

“It simply came to our notice then. In some matters, it is the mind that has to be given priority, not fate. “

Then I ran towards the fairy standing in the dark. If he was found in the last watch ….

the love story painted in a dream


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