Love story

The love story is the end of naughtiness

The love story is the end of naughtiness

Lima is sitting alone at the wedding. He is very upset. She looks much more annoyed. I already knew I had to come here and stay alone.

So he did not want to come. But the mother was forced to come to the insistence. Not getting any work, he logged on to Facebook. Rakib online, see Lima’s boyfriend!

– What do you know? (Rakib’s message as soon as he saw Lima online)

– Nothing. I’m in a bad mood now.

– What happened?

– Don’t talk.

– Okay.

– What do you mean, OK?

– You don’t talk.

– So don’t talk to me?

– Are wonder you said!

– I understand you’re busy chatting with girls now. Chat as much as you want.

– It’s weird. Who am I chatting with? What about you?

– What?

– You know I’m chatting with 10 girls now!

Lima went out of Facebook in a rage!

Rakib does it on purpose. He angers Lima. And Lima is also a little cheerful girl, even if there is nothing like the mind, she is very angry. As always, he is angry now. The pale, round face has a blood color. After a while, I went to Facebook again. I went out and logged out of my ID and went to Rakib’s ID. Go and see what! Apart from that, he has been messaging with his friends for the last time. He did not chat with any girl. That’s why he lied! Lima got angry again. Going to his ID again, he gave a message to Rakib, “Why did you lie to me?”

– So you logged in with my ID? Boo-boo! Go to someone else’s ID, aren’t you ashamed?

– What?

– Why do so much?

– I didn’t talk to you.

– Are weird!

Lima does not reply. He is out of Facebook in anger. After a while, logging in again, Rakib gave a love story, the hero is an army officer as usual!

– Well, why do you have so many armies in the story?

– Annie’s problem?

– What do you mean?

– I mean, the army officers are more in tune with the plot of my story, so I give it that way. I like to imagine and write like that.

– No, you didn’t say that!

– You mean?

– You said it differently at first.

– Are weird.

– What’s weird?

– You! Narayanganj girl, a little more skeptical! Always understands a little more!

– I didn’t talk to you.

– Oops !! If there is nothing, the girl will start singing because there is no talk!

– You turn around.

– You’re not married?

– Hmm.

– Then you eat rooster-polao well! So if there is a little intelligence in the head!

Seeing the message, Lima got angry again. This time there is no more talk. Straight ID de-activated and went out.

Rakib is sitting in the park the next afternoon. He made Lima very angry last night! That’s why the girl didn’t even pick up her phone at first.

He picked up the phone once after saying sorry in a mobile message. Lima has said many times on the phone that she did not say anything. So he asked her to come here in the afternoon. No matter what he says, Rakib knows he can’t come to Lima. Lima arrived just in time. Seeing Rakib, “I have nothing to do with you.” Rakib smiled. It is more beautiful to see Lima in anger.

So he deliberately annoys her. And he does well. He knows how to break Lima’s anger!

He took a big packet of KitKat out of his pocket and said, “I thought I’d give it to you but now I think I have to find another girl to give it to!”

“What?” Said Lima, rolling his eyes. “Didn’t you bring it for me?”

– I brought it for you. But you don’t want to …

– Fazil.

And Lima could not control his anger. He laughed. Chocolate love still works in her as a child. And Rakib knows that. He uses chocolate to break Lima’s anger!

This is the end of their resentment that has been going on for the last two years! Lima is eating chocolate with her head on Rakib’s shoulder sitting in the park! And the two of them are silently enjoying the wonderful, magical atmosphere of the falling afternoon!

This scene of two lovers is amazingly beautiful, as if all the beauty can be matched! Extremely beautiful and magical fall afternoon to see the scene as if to die in violence!

The love story is the end of naughtiness



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