Love story

The sweet love story of Neel and Dipti

The sweet love story of Neel and Dipti

– I’ve been calling you for about half an hour! Why was not receiving it? Has the horse been mowing the grass for so long ??

– Sorry. It will never happen again

– Take a selfie and post it to me, then call me. Dipti hung up the phone saying this.

Neel’s acquaintance with Dipti girl is on Facebook. Dipti is a very stubborn, arrogant, and ignorant girl. You have to do what you say otherwise there is no protection. Neel didn’t realize it at the beginning of the friendship, but now the boy is feeling it. But today there are enough reasons to be proud of Dipti.

Dipti has called about nineteen times this time. But Neel was playing games on the PC so he did not receive the call on purpose. So I took a selfie with great interest and posted it in Dipti’s Facebook inbox. Dipti likes everything blue. What I like most is his childish behavior and whimsy. the blue feeling has made the girl fall in love a lot!

Neel woke up in the morning to the sound of Dipti’s phone ringtone.

– Good morning.

– Hmm. Good morning

– Are you sleeping now?

– Hmm.

– Get up soon.

– Not possible.

– I didn’t say. I will get up immediately.

Neil wanted to sleep a little longer. But Dipti’s order had to be abandoned. Lately, the girl has become oppressive! However, Neel likes this torture of Dipti very much! Neel enjoys these very much. Neel sometimes thinks that the girl loves him very much. Sometimes he expresses it but does not say anything. Maybe the girl says.

Thinking about all this, Neel washed his hands and face and came out of the washroom. It’s half-past ten! Neel is scheduled to meet Dipti at 11 am today. He is angry with himself. Somehow, in a hurry, Dipti’s favorite T-shirt comes out blue.

The sweet love story of Neel and Dipti

Destination river bank. There will be light under the familiar 8-step tree. Neel reached the market 5 minutes before 11 o’clock.

– What time did I tell you to come?

– At 11 o’clock.

– What time is it now?

– 10:55.

– Why did you come 5 minutes ago? Go away and sit down. I’ll talk to you at exactly 11 o’clock.

Neel gets a smile, he likes these strange behaviors of Dipti very much.

– Listen, come here. How long will you sit like a fool?

– Yes, said Mrs. Your servant appeared.

– Well, after the wedding, we will go on a honeymoon to the char formed on the chest of the river Jamuna. There will be a small cottage! And only you and I will be there. Do you have no objection?

Neel was not ready for Dipti’s words. So the fool asked, why in this strange place?

Dipti replied

– That’s what I said.

Neel doesn’t understand what to say. Surprising him, Dipti started again

– You’re not going to get married but Sherwani. You like Punjabi very much. And of course red Punjabi. But I can’t wear a red sari. I will wear a blue sari. Okay?

Neel doesn’t understand what to say. I think he is dreaming. Again sat like a fool, if the marriage is not?

– I’ll shoot you straight.

– I can’t say I love you.

– Hmm, I know you’ve been roaming like a sheep for a month. You never say I know. And listen, I don’t love you at all. So if I don’t feel good, he will.

– Then why marry me?

– To annoy you. Do you have any problem

– No, no.

– Then go and get the jhalmuri now.

He smiled and went to fetch the blue. He went a little farther and looked back in vain. He saw that there was more light on him. As soon as he turned back, Dipti tried to hide something like a dewdrop. Pretending not to see, Neel went ahead. Neil knows today that he is soaked in the oppression of love. He wants to be soaked in this oppression for the rest of his life.

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