Love story

Romantic Love Story Unfinished Love Story!

Romantic Love Story Unfinished Love Story!

– Love love love love? Choose. You have to love too

– Do not love or do not love. I will never love again.

– What did you say?

Why don’t you love me I have less in any aspect I look bad.

– Because I don’t like you.

You are not like the girl I want to share my life with. She is very different.

– What kind of girl do you want? How can you love me

– I will never love you.

– But why ???

– That’s what I want.

– No, you don’t. You have to love me

– No, I don’t love you.

– I’ll see him too. I know very well how to make love.

– You can do whatever you want, but the result will be zero.
.Romantic Love Story Unfinished Love Story

Megha went on fire in anger. Sabbir loves the impossible but Sabbir doesn’t want to give up.

Because Megha walks like a completely different boy. Jeans, shirt, head cap. One when you see him from a distance

The boy will think.

And Sabbir doesn’t like these at all. This is the problem of a little restless girl. But they are a little different

Boys fall in love more. Sabbir has also read but he will first make Megha his own mind and then talk about his love. Sabbir is sitting in front of the varsity. Then a girl arrived. So far the whole thing is not going to be understood.
– Dos is with me but with the girl. (Siphon)

– What happened? (Sabbir)

– Love ”

– Oh, I think you’re going to be a father before marriage.

– Upside down. The girl is coming this way

– Actually. Hey, it’s not cloudy.

– Hmm, Meghai.

– How are you? Um, of course, yes, I know this, why it’s something known in advance. Which is from here. (Megha)

– I’m going. (Sipon)

– Ha ha ha ha ha hmm ha ha ha ha ha ha.

– Why smile? (Surprised)

– Seeing you.

– What’s so funny about me?

– There is no ceremony today. Why are you wearing a sari?

– That’s what I want.

– Ha ha, it looks beautiful, huh huh, it looks very beautiful.

– Do you have to smile to say you look beautiful?

– I’m smiling fascinated by your beauty.

– Do I really feel bad?

– Oh no, it looks very beautiful. I have fallen in love. Hee hee hee.

– You’re kidding me.

– No, why should I have fun.

– Then why are you smiling like that.

– Laughter is coming. What should I do?

– …… ??? (Megha is standing silently with her head down. Some light water has also accumulated in her eyes. It seems that the rain will come down. Then the rain came down.)

– Why are you crying?

– ……… ??? (Silent crying is going on, Megha’s eyes are drawn and a black line is drawn on Megha’s cheek)

– Why are you crying ???

– ……… ?? (Crying is getting louder and louder, I started crying)

– Why are you crying, baby? Stop crying. Everyone is watching but.

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