Love story

A clear love of imagination

A clear love of imagination

Happy now? I haven’t missed it yet. I was saying I will bring it. Wouldn’t have done so much? Now watch the movie with all your heart.

Date: What do I do? How long have you been listening to me? If you didn’t do so much, you wouldn’t come. And it was not possible to miss today.

This is the date with which I can never be angry. Talking so nicely, what will make me angry, all my fatigue is gone. When I come home tired, when I see Tithi’s face, I forget everything.

After waking up this morning, he was holding his head. After a while the real date with tea. The more I see him, the more fascinated I am. It feels so good after waking up, not wanting to go to the office. The best time is when I come to take a bath and sit next to me and shake my head. The hair is on my face later.

Then I do not want to wake up. I don’t remember where the headache is. I think, if he was sitting next to me all the time, what more could I ask for.

Has been saying for a long time, will do shopping, can’t bring it because of busyness. And he never goes out alone. But it came out today. Panthapath came and called me, “I have to go out for urgent work, come quickly”.

I was surprised, what happened today, went out without saying anything. I hung up before I could say anything.

I began to think. I called again, the phone was off. The head went bad. I was thinking so much, I can’t explain. I got out quickly, my head was not right.

I keep calling, but my mobile is off. I went very quickly with CNG. Luckily I didn’t have to read in a jam today. I would really feel heartbroken if I got stuck in a traffic jam like any other day.

Suddenly a message came true, I am standing in front of Bashundhara, come on. I got the peace that he is healthy. Even then the mood got worse, why keep the mobile off? Today I will say something strongly, what does it mean?

I got in a bad mood, went and saw him standing in front of Bashundhara. He was wearing a blue sari. I’m sure reading is not so beautiful, it looked like today. I couldn’t say anything after seeing him.

What happened, so urgent? And why the phone off?

Tithi: Hey, don’t talk so much, the movie has started. Comes soon.

What does all this mean?

Date: I said no, nothing. Come quickly.

I don’t understand, it’s good to watch a movie, so why is the phone off? And what would have happened if you had told me earlier?

Tithi: Hey, I didn’t like it, so I didn’t say. Let’s see quietly, or let’s go?

Okay, look.

After a while the head became cold. Tithi is holding my hand. He sees the movie, I see him. What a gentle girl, innocent. Anyone who sees him should feel better. That is peace.

I think I did a great job in life. As a result, Allah gave me the date. May such love never end.

After the movie, I did a lot of shopping. Bought a little more today. I have never seen so many things to buy. Bought a Punjabi for me to match the color of the date saree.

A clear love of imagination

9 pm to 9.30 pm:

I finished dinner. When I paid the bill, I saw that there was no money in my pocket. The shopping is over. I looked at the waiter and understood the date. I couldn’t say anything, I still think of Tithi as my girlfriend. A little embarrassed.

Seeing my desire, a smile appeared on the corner of his lips. This smile was so beautiful, I don’t think there is anything more beautiful in the world. Today is the date of the bill.

After coming home, I got fresh and went to bed immediately. I was tired so it was not too late to go to sleep. After a while, I suddenly woke up. Tithi poured water on her face. I got completely wet. So tired of this situation again. How to stay in the mood.

What did it do?

I gave water, don’t look.

What does this mean?

You sleep and I sit?

Don’t tell me if there is work? What does it mean to do this?

Why? Come and fall asleep. Wishing me?

What’s the wish?

What does a wish mean? Did you forget today? Even if you forget me, I would not suffer, how can you be wrong today?

Now he poured water on his face again. This time I jumped up from the bed. After getting up, I am watching everything. There is no one around. That means.

Alas, I got such a beautiful wife, I missed it. The fortune is bad. What can be seen sleeping again? I go to bed early.

Well, if I look after sleeping again, then today is a special day. What day was it today?

A clear love of imagination

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