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Romantic Love Story One Afternoon Story!

Romantic Love Story One Afternoon Story!

— What’s the matter! Are you still here

— You know. As time goes on, favorite habits remain the same.

— That means you come here every day. Is that so?

— Yes!

— There are many more benches in the park. But why are you just sitting on this bench?

— The afternoon is a very dear moment to me. When I come here, I close my eyes and feel someone’s footsteps with my ears. This place in the park is a little secluded. Isn’t it?

— Hmmm. That’s why I asked you why you come and sit in this secluded place with so many benches? You do not like to be in the crowd?

— I love being alone. I’m used to it. Don’t look but no one else has come here to talk to me. But I never felt a little upset or lonely.

— To be honest, it’s nice to talk to you. It’s nice to hear your words. Well, why do you always keep your face serious? You would have liked it better if you had laughed and talked.

— Do you have to catch all the smiles in people’s eyes? Do we have to match the evidence of that suffering in tears?

The arrow of laughter can flow in the heart. A stream of tears may come down.

Is it very important to be visible?

— Wow! I see you speak like a poet. Do you write poetry?

— Once upon a time, with the magic of words, I would fill every page with feelings with the words of the mind. But now everything seems random.

— Why? What can I say?

With a sigh

— Let’s have a cup of coffee!

– Hmmm. Not bad. Let’s take a walk and listen to you.

— I have to say you have a lot of patience.

— Why?

— Hey, sit with me and listen to my chatter.

— Oh no. I’m glad to hear your words. I feel much better this afternoon.

— You know we can’t always hold on to the things we like, the things we love. Everything is shattered at some point by an invisible bullet. And slowly we live in the confines of loneliness.

— Your words are very mysterious.

— We each grow up in a complex puzzle. There, our words are bound by some very simple words. Our thoughts make them mysterious.

— Hmm! That’s right, of course.

— Let’s have coffee.

— Oh! Yes, let’s go.

After a while …..

— But I fell in love with your words. You spoke really nicely.

— And stay with me for a while, you will fall in love with me. Honestly, when you start liking someone, a place in the heart of love is automatically created. Just waiting for some feeling, expecting the right time.

— Things found suddenly are easily lost without the knowledge of the mind. Do you know that?

— If there is doubt before it is received, then why should the heart become restless for fear of losing it?

What is the need to make someone your own?

— Is there any guarantee that he will be able to stay by his side for the rest of his life? You can stay by the side of that person as long as you are alive. Love is like your own. Can’t loyalty be kept in two hands, where all sorrows disappear?

— What does love have in a whimsical mind? Every moment is where the door to breathing closes.

— Well, if I say I fell in love with you, will you give it back to me?

— It’s getting late. I have to go home. And the sky is covered with black clouds. It may rain at any moment. Let’s go.

— But you are avoiding the word. In fact, you do not have the courage to answer face to face. So wanting to leave.

— The time is very incongruous now. It is better to keep the questions in a frame. Maybe at some point in time, you can come back to the memory again.

— You’re actually just as mysterious as Vitu’s egg.

— Sometimes it is not a great injustice to hide the entity hidden within oneself.

It is no longer possible to stay. I have to go this time. Bye.

– Uh … don’t say bye. The farewell moments are very painful. And more than that, it is eternal. If he wants, he comes and grabs it in his hand.

Well, when will we meet again?

— Maybe tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, maybe one day.

— But I’ll wait. Will you come?

— I can’t speak. But habits cannot be changed easily.

Be fine

— You’ll be fine too

And take care of yourself.

———┬áRomantic Love Story One Afternoon Story

The two paths are separated. The destination has changed. Maybe there will be a treaty at the end. From where the end begins.



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