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Love story – the minds of girls

Love story – the minds of girls

1 boy went to see the girl to get married.
The girl liked him. Then everyone
Everything was discovered.
15 days later, on behalf of the boy, people
He went and put the ring on the girl’s hand, and
Marriage comes to a head. Then they
Sometimes the phone conversation continues.
3 days after the phone conversation: –
Boy: Well, do you want to read more ???
Girl: Yes … because I hoped to be Dr.
Boy: – Would you be happy if Dr. ???
Girl: – Yes .. this is my biggest wish
To God. And all if you want
I can !!!

Boy: – Why ???

Girl: – Because .. 1. My marriage is fine ..
2. My father doesn’t have that much money.
Boy: – I have. Something else to you
I can give and I can’t. But your hope
I will pay !!! Do you agree to read ???
Girl: Yes. But 9 days of marriage and mother
The rest..what will happen to that ???
Boy: Leave it to me !!!

Girl: – OK.

The boy explains to everyone in his family, r
Everyone agreed. All costs for reading the girl’s writing
The boy was giving and it was okay to see and hear
A few days later..
Girl: – Will you keep my word ???
Boy: Yes. Tell me what can I do ???
Girl: – Don’t mind. R with me
Don’t meet !!!
Boy: But why ???
Girl: – When I see you, hold yourself
I can’t. Meanwhile, I have 2 years left for my exam.
If I fail, I will not be able to show my face in society.
And your money and trouble will be in vain.
Son: – OK. But don’t talk on the phone ???
Girl: Yes.

Boy: – ok.

After 2 years, the girl took the test and passed
Happy party at the girl’s house. But
Didn’t tell the boy. Because now that boy is a husband
As well not be able to introduce in front of everyone
15 days later the girl took a chamber
When he found out, the boy called him
Apparently, the girl hung up the phone and hung up
The boy goes to his house. And the girl to him
Said …
Girl: Forgive me and feel bad
Neona. I can’t marry you !!!
Boy: – Why: ???
Girl: – Because you are not worthy of me and writing
You don’t even know how to read.
Boy: That’s all right from our family
To do ???
Girl: That was before. I admit it now
I can’t.
Boy: – He said with tears in his eyes. OK. I
It is good to pray to God for you
Stay. Came to say.
A few days later the boy fell ill. And that
The girl is the big doctor of a hospital.
The boy was in a bad condition at the hospital

Takes away.

There, a doctor saw him and recognized him
Everyone in the family scolded. Because too late
Has done. Then the girl said to that Dr.
Why are you talking to them ??? Then Dr. said this
The man belonged to his wife about 5 years ago
1 kidney because it costs money to study medicine
Sold out. I was forbidden, he said
If my wife is Dr. she makes me feel good
Tears well up in the girl’s eyes
L !!!
What again now cries, in fact, most
The girls are selfish, they are for their own interests
Can do everything
Love story – the minds of girls



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