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Romantic Love Story: Rifat and Athai’s extreme!

Romantic Love Story: Rifat and Athai’s extreme!

Rifat has just returned to the country from America after finishing his studies in business. His father’s huge business in the country. So his father also wants his son to understand the responsibility of this business. So, all the responsibility of the business now belongs to Rifat. A few months have passed, I can’t handle it alone, I need a P.A (Personal Assist). A girl named “Athaii” was appointed. Athaii was highly educated and beautiful.

She is the only daughter of her parents. She no longer has the ability to run her father’s family, so the job was very necessary for her. She is happy to get a job in a big company.

Athaiir had a good day with his parents. Athaiir sat up with Rifat in the middle of Eri. Rifat sometimes has lunch with Athai, walks in the park, or has a candlelight dinner at night.

Once upon a time, two people fell in love but no one told anyone about it. What happens !! Athai returned home with a heavy heart. Even if you get close to the people you love, you have to lose. Athaii did not go to the office for two days. Athaii avoids meeting Rifat after 2 days, Rifat tries to explain a lot but Athaii doesn’t agree because he is very rich, nothing more than him… A few days passed in silence … Athaii’s parents got married He just left with one of his cousins.

Athai never saw his cousin! Rifat doesn’t know what to do. At this point, Rifat’s parents started seeing the bride for the wedding.

He asked Rifat to take a photo of the bride. But without seeing the photo, Rifat agrees to marry the girl of his parent’s choice. After resigning from the job, Athai will never meet Rifat again !! Athaii left the office with tears in his eyes. Everything is ready for marriage. ! … Married after 3 days … Married today. The lights and the lighting of the lights are all on.

He got married but he has not seen his wife yet.!… At that time the phone call came. 6 years !! After 8 years, Rifat will come to the country today. Rifat’s wife opened the door as soon as she came home and rang the bell. Rifat’s wife was shocked to see Rifat. Rifat also looked at his wife in surprise and speechless. Sir are you here ??? Why are you here? Please leave …

This is my father-in-law’s house! Please go, sir. At that time Rifat’s parents came and said who are you telling me to leave ??, She is your husband Rifat. Rifat’s wife and no one else was the man she loved

Romantic Love Story: Rifat and Athai’s extreme!



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