Love story

An Intoxicated Love Story

An Intoxicated Love Story

I am sitting by the window. Looking at the outside environment. 2:30 p.m. I don’t usually sit here at this time. The timing feels so bad. But today I do not know why. I don’t understand why I know, I can’t figure out the reason. I took another sip of my favorite drink. I wondered if there was anything in it. Because I made a lot of decisions in my life after sipping on my favorite drink. It would be wrong to say I took it. I don’t have any tension while playing this.

This thing has been with me for 12 long years. Never too late to answer any questions. Then why are you doing so much today? Thinking about all this, my eyes went to the girl lying on the bed. How are you lying? Seeing him, it seems that his eyes are intoxicated. Today we have been together for 5 years. But not married yet. It would be wrong to say we didn’t, in fact, we didn’t have time. I didn’t understand when I ate yaba, marijuana, heroin, lead and 5 years passed. Well, why is he so tired today? It’s a matter of time. How stressful it is all day!

An Intoxicated Love Story

I know what I think, I looked at the calendar. The mind became happy to see the date. I understand the reason for feeling good. Today is our wedding. We decided last night. I forgot within this time? God knows what happened to me today. I know why I am forgetting everything. However, the doctor said that something like this would happen. Today I know why he wants to look at the girl next to him. He looks very innocent. Lots. I know why all the past is floating in front of my eyes today.

An Intoxicated Love Story

At that time I was a mature young man of 20 years. I stayed up all day with drugs. Intoxication before class, intoxication after class. Intoxication with friends, intoxication hiding at home. In fact, I was trapped in a fence called Nesha. I had nothing but this. I could not see any girl with other eyes. Intoxication seemed to be everything.

February 14 of any one year. We all friends planned to celebrate Valentine’s Day very well this time. We all went together to celebrate at Suhrawardy Udyan. In one place we were all sitting in a circle and preparing. At that time I noticed that a foreign girl was having fun with many slum children. Looked a lot better. I don’t know how long I looked at him. All I can say is that with the push of friends I got Sambit back. They were surprised at the thought that I had never looked at a girl like that, what had happened to me today. I really couldn’t take my eyes off this girl. For the first time in my life, I brought intoxication and kept it. Slowly I went to the girl. I went and saw him playing with the children with joy in his mind.

An Intoxicated Love Story

– Hi.

– Hello.

– My name is Himmel, and you?


– What? NASA! Really very interesting name.

– Yes. I know.

– And you from ………………

– I am from Bangladesh!

– What? Are you Bangladeshi? But seeing you, it means that you are a Bangladeshi.

– Yes, I am Bangladeshi. Do you have a problem?

– No, no. Why would I have a problem? No problem. Nice to meet you.

– I like it too. Well, today I’m a little busy. See you another day. Stay well.

– You’ll be fine too.

Saying that I left then I would go to that place every day to see him but I could not find him. Suddenly one day I met him. Playing with kids in exactly the same way.

– Hi.

– Hello.

– Do you recognize me?

– Sorry? Can’t remember

– He’s fine. Let me remind you. I met you on 14th February, Suhrawardy Udyan. I was surprised to hear that you are Bangladeshi.

– Oops! I recognized. How are you What’s your name? Hee … hee …

– Himel.

– Yes! Himel. How are you

– Yes, good. Well, can I talk to you today?

– What’s important?

– Oh no, just like that. What, can you give me a little time?

– Okay. Wait a minute, I’m saying goodbye to the kids.

– Okay. I am

– (Comes after a while) Say.

– Not here. Let’s go by dinghy.

– The dinghy is far away. It will be difficult for me to go at this moment. Can’t go anywhere else?

– No problem. You have nothing to fear. I’ll get you here again.

– (Thinking a little)

An Intoxicated Love Story

Let’s go.

This is how my relationship with him started. Just like a movie. Introduction, going for a walk, friendship, proposal, accepting first, accepting later. At first, he didn’t know I was drunk. I would not understand. Because he was much better. I didn’t want to involve him in these. But one day I know how he found out. I’m sure he didn’t know that from me. Then I think one of my friends said. Because some of them loved him. Edge casual quarrel after learning of the incident. You’re a badass. You are intoxicated, you are a sin. You will not keep in touch with me in life. I remember the word. After saying these things, he left.

An Intoxicated Love Story

I haven’t talked to him for about 2 months. I called him many times in the middle. He did not receive it. I was standing in front of their house. Didn’t pay attention. I wanted him to forgive me so that I would never get drunk again. But when that didn’t happen, I became more addicted. I would stay with it all day later. Suddenly one evening a call came from his number on my mobile.

– Hello, where are you?

– I’m at home. Why?

– You stay home. I’m coming.

– Why are you coming this time?

– Don’t talk. I’m coming.

– Okay.

About half an hour later he came to my house. As soon as he came, he sat down.

– What happened?

– Nothing. Let me take a rest.

– (After a while) Well, it’s been awhile. Now tell me what happened?

– I’m coming out of the house.

– You mean? Why? What happened?

– I’m addicted. So I have to raise money.

– You mean addicted? What are you talking about? Are you alright

– Yes. My head is fine. After leaving you, I became very random. So I was angry with you and wanted to forget some trouble. I reluctantly embrace the thing. I could not think of going so far. Forgetting a little trouble, today I am like you. Now tell me, will you keep me with you?

An Intoxicated Love Story

I thought I was homeless. How do I keep him? Even then, I thought it would be no problem to say? But I can’t give you happiness like your home. Now see what to do. To my surprise, the girl agreed. I tried to convince myself in many ways that there would be no problem. Even then the mind was not obeying. I left everything to fate.

We have been together ever since. Needless to say what to do to raise money for drugs. We did not hesitate to sell ourselves. When I didn’t have money, I sometimes thought at night that when I was a child, I told my father that I would never hurt him. Mom, I will take care of my younger brother and sister. What happened to what happened. Everything turned upside down. Thinking about all this, I often discovered tears in the corner of my eye.

About six months ago.

When I woke up in the morning, NASA started screaming. Her chest hurts a lot. I went to the doctor and my chest trembled at what I heard. Along with bronchitis, I heard that all the blood in his own body was being wasted.

The head was not working. On top of all this, the doctor gave another happy news. I’m going to be a dad. Didn’t understand what to do. I will not laugh or cry. Went to NASA. I stood silently beside him. I wanted to hug him and tell him the good news. But I couldn’t. He is looking at me like Bob. Today, his face looks very lifeless. I kissed her on the forehead and said you are going to be crazy. After hearing this, I took the water in the corner of his eye. I realized the pain hidden in his mind. I never thought that this drug would bring such trouble in my life.

Last night we decided to get married after talking about our future. Because our children cannot come without an identity.

Today is our wedding. The baby in the womb is waiting to come to earth. It is a little strange to get married at this time. But there is nothing to do. I don’t want my son to come unjustly. A fear is at work in the mind.

The doctor said that the mother’s excessive use of drugs can be terrible for the baby. The night ended with all these thoughts. I called NASA in the morning. It is understood that he is suffering a lot. But not for long. Then our child will come to light his lap. In the afternoon we went to Kazi’s office. I took two friends as witnesses. But when NASA could say yes, he turned his head and left. Couldn’t understand anything. But one thing was on his mind that he had to take her to the doctor. I rushed him to the hospital.

An Intoxicated Love Story

The doctor said that Caesar should be done. But the mother’s condition is much worse. Surely nothing can be said. I agreed to put a big stone on my chest. Going to sign, my heart was bursting. The operation ended after about an hour and a half.

The son has become a father but the condition of the mother is very bad. There is a lot of bleeding. Nothing is stopping. I took the boy in my arms and saw that he was not crying! Asking the doctor who said it would be okay. About an hour later the doctor came and said that the patient’s condition was not good but he regained consciousness. I ran to him. I saw NASA staring blankly at a white bed. I put his hand on my arm and said, “Nothing will happen to you.” He wanted to utter a word with great difficulty. “A … a … a” but before he could finish his hand froze. I stared at him for a while. When I realized everything was over. My NASA left me.

An Intoxicated Love Story

The drugs he took for me took him away from me. He wanted to kill himself. But as soon as I remembered the child, I went to him. Lying in bed What an innocent face. His mother could not see him. My two friends are sitting with sullen faces. I hugged the baby a lot. But when I went to take her in my arms, I trembled.

The baby’s body is as cold as ice. At once the friends burst into tears. I thought the soil was splitting in two. Everything in my life turned upside down. I started laughing immediately. It seemed to me that laughter was not coming from the mind. But I still smiled. Laughing, tears were flowing from his eyes. I saw my grandfather standing there with blurred eyes. Strange! He is not supposed to stand so soon! He said, “I had to leave early today for your sins. You will never be forgiven. ” The only thing I realized after he left was that I felt like I was losing consciousness.

All will be well



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