Love story

Romantic love story love and me

Romantic love story love and me

‘Then you are Shihab?’ I looked up when I heard his name. I saw a beautiful girl standing in front of me. White mobile phone in hand. It has a sweet smell of perfume applied to the body. I sniffed and remembered the guava tree. As a kid, I used to smell guavas on rainy days. How many familiar memories are mixed in it! Looks exactly like I saw in the picture.

Those eyes, those eyebrows, those noses. And the teeth of that crooked gum are the same.

I got up from my sitting position. I’m trying to figure out what to say.

Thousands of words like the current of a river are peeking out of my head. A while ago, someone called from an unknown number and asked, “Where are you?” I say which one to keep. Suddenly I lost my rhythm. I said, ‘Sravani?’

‘Hmm. Have trouble recognizing you? Is there any difference with the picture? If there is. He said quickly. Her hair is fluttering softly in the light breeze. He wet his thin lips with his tongue.

‘No no, why would that be? Sit down. I sat down next to him. He also sat down, but a little apart. Wearing a white veil with a blue shirt. Pink hairband on the head. I saw a sparkle on my cheek as if the sun of the day was reflected back on my fair face. I looked at his drink with fascinated eyes and asked, “Are you all right?”

What a terrible fear was working in my chest, for which I could not be easy. I have talked a lot with many girls at first sight. Where then it did not happen. And now, three months into the conversation, I’m reluctant to talk to anyone. Contempt for himself came. I sat with my back straight. Suddenly the whole body started burning like an ant bite. The thirsty skin of a few days without getting water seems to have made the rebels rebel. Sun-allergy is called wake up!

After hearing the question, Sraboni did not answer and said, ‘Before that, you put your head here, tearing four hairs at a time. Then say whatever you want. ’

‘You mean to tear your hair?’ I was startled. That’s four again? The face has become yes. What does the girl say? Mugger mulluka got or not! I thought to myself.

Who knows if I saw that feeling, Sraboni rolled her eyes and said, ‘You forgot so easily. After two days I will not remember. Then he frowned and fell silent. A feeling is playing in his hypocritical eyes.

The incident started three months ago today. I was using Facebook on an old smartphone I bought a few days ago. Suddenly I saw a pair of eyes in Suggest Friend and stopped. It’s not that I haven’t seen such eyes before.

Everyone I’ve seen is committed to someone.

I remembered this fear, but I peeked at his ID with an unknown interest. She is a student at my university. Admitted this year. What a beautiful face! It seems that someone has washed it with milk. Such raw colors. Her eyes are bigger than usual. In the end, I fell in love with such big eyes. I sent a friend request saying what is on my forehead. And I waited.

About two hours later, when I re-entered Facebook, I saw that the notification to accept had arrived. The mind danced happily. And without delay, I almost immediately knocked him in the message. I got the answer after a while. That’s how the conversation started. We were talking about many issues. The issue gradually shifted to personal matters. There is nothing wrong with admitting that the indirect role was one-sided.

Then I started to take some time to reply even after seeing and seeing the message. I thought, I realized this for a while.

I was terrified of losing. At one point, I felt ashamed and asked if her boyfriend’s post was empty. He laughed and killed. Said, no one has ever asked like that. So he doesn’t know the answer and he is not serious about love. However, the green light of the mind could not be lit in what I understood as a hub. This time I told him, if you want to apply, you have to write by hand, or you have to type?

He did not answer. He disappeared like that day. There was no search for him for a few days. That is what it means to be lost, literally. Not that I didn’t text him. Even after not getting an answer, I went from message to message thinking that if ever a signal comes. If the god of fortune wants to raise his face once.

Finally, I met that day. I met suddenly. The clock is ticking three o’clock but it is not ringing. At that time a call came on the phone. I was lying down, so I received it with my eyes closed. Then Chikon said in a voice — ‘Hello, what is Shihab saying? ’

‘Yes, I say. Suddenly a strange feeling like hearing a woman’s voice came out of her throat.

‘Do you recognize me?’ Hey, weird! Whether I can recognize him by telling me by phone. I took the phone down from my ear and looked at the number. No, this number is unfamiliar to me. Yet I did not admit. I took some time to think. Trying to remember who gave the number to whom in these few days. Yet I could not make some edges.

‘Don’t you recognize? I didn’t know. ’Said from the side.

‘Who? Monk? ’I asked with suspicion in my voice.

The smiling voice. ‘Hmm, me. How do you know? ‘

‘Understand. Think out. ’

Romantic love story love and me

There is no time to worry. In the next fifteen minutes, he said many things with great interest. Her family, her favorite song, her favorite color story how much more!

The words sounded good, so I just played the role of listener. At last, he said, ‘A relative of mine has called, how can I call you at night. He suddenly put down the phone. It looked very good then. It was as if I had found something invaluable.

I really got it. We have been talking for three months since then. The value-arrogance did not decrease. It has been met again. How much of the heart’s emotions have been given and taken little by little. Gradually our love has become darker. If I didn’t talk one day, my chest would feel empty. Today he is standing in front of me – he does not want to believe that.

‘It’s okay to tear your hair, but why all four? Why not more or less? ’I asked in surprise.

He looked up. In his eyes, a black flag descended on the procession with emptiness. Said, ‘There is a reason. Will you listen then? ’Then he took a deep breath. I realized that I took courage with my breath.

‘I remember talking to me angrily on the phone one day. I cried all night hearing that. Sadly I didn’t eat dinner either. One for crying, another for not eating. ’

‘There are two in total. The other two? I also hear the reason for that. I am smiling jokingly. He took his eyes off my eyes. Have your head down.

‘What happened, don’t you say?’ I begged.

Suddenly, tears welled up in his eyes. I was stunned by the suddenness of the incident. I don’t know what to do. But did I bother him with anxiety?

After a while, he raised his face. The pair of eyes turned red like vermilion in tears. Maybe Sraboni keeps an eye on him, to tell the truth. Then he sniffed and said in a hard voice, ‘I am not Sravani. Her twin sister. My name is Laboni. All of us are one, except for this spot near the forehead. In a daze, he pointed his finger at her forehead. ‘It happened to me when I was in the bathroom when I was in college. ’

‘Then where is Sraboni?’

‘Sravani is dead. He stood up.

‘What do you mean?’ I got up too. Hearing that, it seemed that I fell to the ground, pounding the sky of a lonely anonymous planet. All the bones have been crushed and crumbled. That’s what I’m hearing! Why did God give me so much trouble?

Tears began to flow silently like stones, breaking both eyes. I understand that the tide has come in the inner sea too.

‘He committed suicide a month ago today. Believe me, he did not want to deceive you. ’

‘But why did you commit suicide?’ I whispered like a child. My chest has ruptured.

I am slapping my chest one after another like a crescent.

Laboni said, ‘We have been talking about her marriage for several days. Suddenly a potter came and chose him and took him away that night. His body was found hanging with the arrow of the house the next afternoon. I have spoken to you on his behalf these few days. Forgive me if you can. ’

Then what he said did not reach the ears. There was no time to think of anything. The dream world of so many days was shattered invisibly before my eyes.

I did not even notice such misfortune. Suddenly I ran like crazy. I don’t know where to go. All I know is, I have to run. You have to run the race of eternity.

Romantic love story love and me



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