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Romantic Love Story “Selfless Love”

Romantic Love Story “Selfless Love”

Adri tore the white paper from the diary and wrote: “No one is responsible for my death” in large letters with a pen. He folded the paper and placed it under the glass on the table.

Yes … the preparations are over, now it’s time to open the new blade.

He is looking at the new shiny blade and thinks that after a while he will cut the vein of his hand with this blade. What do you think? Adri put the blade on the table and looked through the window for the last time. Anamne went back to the old memory.

The first meeting with the forest was at varsity. At first, Aranya did not like it but Aranya was a very stubborn boy. He had won Adri’s heart with his madness. Then began the relationship of the pair. There was no shortage of the pair’s reputation at varsity. In this way, their days were going on with naughty sweet naughtiness and a little quarrel.

They did not even know how the three springs had passed holding each other’s hands. But the forest suddenly began to change. The forest that used to be waiting to talk to Adri on the phone, nowadays Adri gets waiting whenever he is called. At first, he didn’t take the matter seriously, but at one point Adri had a hard time using the forest. Aranya stops communicating with Adri. And this communication ends forever this afternoon…

– Forest, why did you become like that?

– You mean, like, saltines and their ilk, eh? Please tell, what’s the story of them big puppys …..

– You’re ignoring me. If you call, you are waiting. You were not like that before the forest!

-Listen, Adri, people don’t always have to be the same. Time changes people. So, what’s the crime here?

– Yes, there really is no crime here!

– I can’t stand you anymore, Adri. I think it is not right to continue our relationship. So …

-Please forest I love you so much. Please don’t leave as you are…

-Listen Adri, it is not possible for me to continue the relationship! Because I don’t love you anymore. I’m extremely sorry.

-I mean? What are you talking about? Are you okay?

– Yes … because I thought I could not go with you. Besides, where is our family and where is …..

– Stop the forest … Didn’t you think of this before the relationship?

-Look, I admit I was wrong, but I can’t take this pain seriously anymore.

-Please don’t do that …. I won’t live without you please forest !!

The forest did not return even after many requests that day. Adri cried a lot but did not benefit!

After coming home, he went straight to his room. However, his mother called him for a while but he did not pay attention.

The decision is final, today the world will leave Maya. There is no one else in the world like that love. Suddenly Adri came out of the world of imagination at the call of his mother. What do you think he should meet his parents for the last time. As soon as she opened the door, her mother said,

– See if you like the mother dress?

– Hmm, it’s too much, mother.

– I was looking at the dress in the market, again and again, that day. I didn’t have any money then, so I went to the market with some money and some money from your father and bought it.

– Neither do you, mother!

– I feel very bad for myself, mother. I can’t buy anything today because I can’t afford it.

At that time Adri’s father came home. It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring.

He handed the bag to Adri’s mother and said,

– The girl said that day to eat shrimp. So I thought I got paid today to take some shrimp for my daughter. Cook with fun as Adri’s mother likes Adri.

Adri is watching and shedding tears. Without saying anything, he came to his room, pressed the pillow, and cried a lot. Just then the younger brother came and asked,

– What happened to you? Bad body?

– No, brother, that’s it. Nothing happened to me.

– Tell me what happened, sister! Did he understand that I took money from your bag? Well, I will give you the money without eating tiffin tomorrow, sister. Please don’t believe me anymore and I won’t do that.

Adri could not bear it anymore! Haumau cried. Hearing the sound of crying, the parents rushed to Adri’s room. Adri hugged his mother tightly.

He thought, “Love is in my house, selfless love. And was I going to die for a cheater? It wouldn’t have hurt him if I had died. It would have hurt my parents. Who would they love if I didn’t?”

He tore the paper from the bottom of the glass and threw it through the window.

The darkroom was illuminated by the light of Jochna, everything looks strangely beautiful.

Life seems so beautiful to Adri. With the piece of paper, everything old became pieces, a new chapter of Adri’s life began.

Romantic Love Story “Selfless Love”



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