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How to keep your computer USB virus-free!

How to keep your computer USB virus-free

Computers have become a daily necessity. Computers are used for various important tasks. And the number of computer or laptop users is increasing day by day. The computer USB virus-free

Almost everyone faces some problems while using the computer. This includes slowing down the computer, hanging or being infected with a virus, etc.

At the root of these is a virus attack. Let’s find out today about software that allows us to stay safe from all kinds of USB viruses.

A USB virus is a virus that comes from someone’s pen drive, memory card, or any type of USB device.

All you have to do is download the software from the link below, or you can download it yourself and using the Google search engine, the software is called USB Disk Security.

Once downloaded, set it up. Now it will give you a notification whenever you insert any type of USB device.

If Safe comes in the notification, you can safely use that device. This is not likely to be a problem with your computer.

And if there is a virus, then a page will open in front of you and the name of the virus will appear on that page. If there is more than one virus, it will show in the form of a list.

Now all you have to do is – there will be an option called SCAN on the left side of the page. You have to do SCAN through the button called SCAN and after the end of SCAN, you have to delete it through the button called DELETE.

Then your work is over. However, the safest way is to format the pen drive or memory card without doing anything if the virus is found.

And the above method is – to save important information on the pen drive or memory card or to do the necessary work.

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