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Create Your Own Design Portfolio Website On Blogger

Create Your Own Design Portfolio Website On Blogger

If you want to create your own portfolio website of simple design on Blogger for free then you can follow this tutorial.

The portfolio website tutorial that I will give is a very simple design and it is a landing page portfolio. You can see the demo of the website in your own picture. And click on the image to see the demo live.

I took a look at the demo. Hope you like the demo. If you like it, then let’s go. I don’t know the details of how to make such a website.

How To Create Your Own Simple Design Portfolio Website On Blogger
Create a website by following the steps below.

Step 1:

The first thing we need to do to create such a website is a template. Visit this link to download the template. An official download link is provided. Download link –

Step 2:

Now go to Blogger and create a new site from there. Or select one of the pre-created sites. I hope you can complete this step so I did not give any kind of screenshot in this step.

Step 3:

Portfolio Website On Blogger
Portfolio Website On Blogger

Now go to Themes like the screenshot above and click on Edit Html from Themes.

Step 4:

Portfolio Website On Blogger
Portfolio Website On Blogger

Go to Edi Html and delete all the codes that are there as shown in the screenshot above.

Step 5

After deleting, extract the template file you downloaded. After extracting, open the template file with any code editor software. After opening the template file, copy all the code.

Step 6

Now come back to Blogger and paste the copied codes.

Step 7

Portfolio Website On Blogger
Portfolio Website On Blogger

After pasting, save the codes by clicking the save button.

Your own portfolio website is ready. Now customize the links and code and make the website your own. I will give a detailed post on how to customize if you get a good response. In short, all the customization has to be done from Edit Html.

This was today’s post. Hopefully by following this post you can create your own portfolio website. If you have any questions, please comment. I will try to solve your problem.


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