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How to write a new post! Learn Blogging Basic to Advanced Course (Part-4)

Learn Blogging Basic to Advanced Course (Part-4) | How to write a new post on the blog

Blogger is a platform of Google itself.
You don’t have to worry about how long it will last or not.
Blogger will be there as long as Google is there, then why are you so afraid!
If you go to Blogger Help and ask a question, they will tell you that Blogger will not go to Google’s platform so soon. Learn Blogging Basic to Advanced Course
Or say there will be bloggers as long as there is Google.

And in the future, if you do not have a blogger, we do not have a problem, you can migrate to WordPress with a backup of all the posts you post on the blogger site.
Without any problems with your previous content.
You can stay on Just Blogger as long as you are earning 100 plus dollars a month with your website.
Then if you wish you could do the migration then, I say do it later.
Because then you don’t have to spend your own pocket money for hosting.

However, today’s topic is how to write a new post on the blog.

For those who are new to blogging, it is easy and difficult for them to write this post targeting them.
It doesn’t matter how many times I stumbled when I didn’t know how to walk.
But now it seems to us that walking is a very easy task.
Similarly, if you are an expert, it will seem easy to you.
But when you didn’t know, it was hard.

The first thing you do is make your post-SEO-friendly and write it offline on Notepad.

Then Blogger will come to the dashboard and click on the plus sign.

First, enter the title of your post in the blank space above.

Then you will see a big room below. Paste your post there.

Now make your keywords bold, mark the text and click on the B sign.

Then click on the paragraph to make your article H to heading then you can do sub heading or minor heading.

Then to use the image, upload your image by clicking on the image icon.
And select the size by clicking on the settings icon.

Then to give the link, click on the link icon and enter the link in the box below with the display name of your link.

Etc. etc.

If you have trouble understanding, you can watch the video

Learn Blogging Basic to Advanced Course

Blogging course videos are uploaded to my channel, you can subscribe to Pure Dream

The post was first published on my blog

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