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How To Write An SEO Friendly Post On Blogger Site | Learn Blogging Basic to Advanced Course (Part 3)

How To Write An SEO Friendly Post On Blogger Site | Learn Blogging Basic to Advanced Course (Part 3)

Many of us blog for hobbies and some for money.

But how many of those who blog or learn blogging then came to blog.
1 out of 10 people can be found in Hategona.
In this tune, I will teach you how to write an SEO-friendly post on a blogger site.

Do you really know the ultimate truth,

Why don’t you go to work in this world, before that you will train yourself by a trainer?
Suppose you went to a wedding and your bridesmaids would dance with them.
Can you dance on stage at all, if you haven’t trained before?
You have to get down from the stage with your head bowed, which means you have failed to dance.

So many people start blogging by creating a website with someone or by creating a website of their own.
After a few days, there are no visitors to the site, and frustrated and finally quit blogging.

I would tell them to learn first and then get to work.
You will be successful inshallah then.
How to write an SEO friendly article:
1. Put 1 or 2% keyword density in your article in a 100-word post.
2. Use keywords in the opening paragraph of the post.
3. Blood the keywords of the post.
4. Use H2 & H3 tags in posts.
5. Use the images in the post as SEO.
. Add related posts to the post, at least 3.
. Add at least 3 external links to the article.
. Use the necessary pictures in the post.
9. Create a nice permalink to the post.
10. If there is an exact match video with the post’s keyword, embed the link.
11. Use a nice keyword in the post to match the topic.

If you want to write an SEO-friendly post, you can watch this video.

I am finishing the post here like today.
Stay well.

You can find videos of the Basic to Advanced Learn Blogging course on my YouTube channel.
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