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Here are 14 common misconceptions about Google Adsense

Here are 14 common misconceptions about Google Adsense

We are all more or less interested in making money on the internet. And so our first target is Google Adsense. Somehow I opened a blog or website and put three or four ads and waited for the money. Or the dream of earning money remains a dream. Then one day I take the wrong step or leave AdSense and go to another website.

What does Google really want? Google loves content.

By content, I mean only text – pictures, songs, videos – none of which are of value to Google. You will never get visitors from Google unless your website has high-quality content – write your own content and copy and paste content will not work. Avoid spelling mistakes, don’t use unnecessary keywords, etc. The following are some of the reasons why Google accounts may be banned or you may be deprived of income according to your hard work.

1. You should not just create a blog for search engines, because search engines will bring the reader to your website or click but the reader will. So when writing, keep in mind both the reader and the search engine. In order to make the reader feel comfortable reading, post a blog with pictures, if necessary.
2. Refrain from blogging for the sole purpose of making money.
3. Made a blog targeting High Paying Keyword Niche, but according to him, there is no content in the blog.
4. It’s easy to make money online, think about it and create a blog – readers will rush to your website and start clicking.

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5. Click wisely one by one or encourage others to click.
. Used fabulous designs, unnecessary pictures, words, widgets that are difficult to read.
. Using AdSense, but not using AdSense Channel. So you don’t understand how much money you are earning from any ad.
. Never read Google’s rules – use AdSense on any site.
9. You have placed an ad on a page where there is no content.
10. Trying to open more than one active AdSense account.
9. You have placed an ad on a page where there is no content.
10. Trying to open more than one active AdSense account.
11. Others have told CTR, Impressions, CPM, etc.
12. You have put a Google ad with the photo – don’t forget to put the ad next to the photo.
13. Don’t try to change the ad code unnecessarily. If you need to make changes, make changes from your AdSense account.
18. Created a blog with topics that cost very little per click (CPC). So your income is also low.

I hope today’s post has been explained to you in a general way. Besides, if you want, you can take the blog written about Google AdSense ads limit later.

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