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What is SEO? Why does it? Types of SEO

What is SEO? Why?

The full form of SEO is “search engine optimization”. The process by which a website or a keyword is ranked is called “search engine optimization”. In other words, Search Engine Optimization or SEO is one of the millions of websites in the world to optimize your website and bring it to the forefront of search engines.
Suppose you have a shop. In the store, you sell new models of mobile phones. How many people will know about this shop? I assumed one thousand people or people from your Upazila level.

But if you build a website and upload photos of all the new models of mobiles, people all over the world will see and order if they like. Then, you will send that mobile to the customer’s address through a courier service.

This will expand the business very fast.
But there is no substitute for SEO if you want to be more profitable in business. When people search for a new model of mobile so that your website comes first, you have to do SEO. SEO is very low-cost advertising or marketing system.

Types of SEO – How many types and what are they?

SEO is divided into two ways: –
1. Organic SEO
2. Paid SEO

What is SEO? Why does it? Types of SEO
What is SEO? Why does it? Types of SEO


Organic SEO is a free method. Search engines do not have to pay for this. That is,
Organic SEO is the process by which a website for free appears on the first page of a search engine.
There are generally three types of organic SEO. E.g.

  1. White Hat SEO or legal method
  2. Black Hat SEO or illegal methods
  3. Gray Hat SEO or hybrid method
What is SEO? Why does it? Types of SEO
What is SEO? Why does it? Types of SEO


The method of SEO or Search Engine Optimization by which the keyword ranking is done in accordance with all the rules and regulations of the search engine is called White Hat SEO.

White hat SEO can again be divided into two parts. E.g.

1. On-Page SEO: The work that is done inside the website is called on-page SEO.
Such as: title tags, content, keywords, etc.

2. Off-Page SEO: The campaign that is run to increase the popularity of any website is called off-page SEO. In other words, URL Share, Link Building, or Back Link (Back Link) is basically called off-page SEO.

Paid SEO: Paid SEO is the process by which a website comes to the front page of search engines in exchange for money.

Importance of SEO: SEO is one of the means of promotion in the internet world. I said at the beginning that there are billions of websites in this world. Out of these billions of websites, no one will be able to find your website. Of all the websites, bringing your website to the forefront of search engines is really a challenge. So SEO is the only way to bring a website to the top of search engines.
If you are a blogger or from your blogging site.

Then SEO your site is mandatory. Because the main income of the blogging site is Google Ad. So if you do SEO then the number of visitors will increase. As a result, income will increase.
The website will grow as the days go by. And if the website grows, the demand for SEO will increase. That’s why you have to be a very good SEO expert. So that the website can be optimized very well.
SEO or Search Engine Optimization will play a significant role in increasing the profile and popularity of you or your company. So the importance of SEO is much more.

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