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Black hat SEO techniques that you should avoid

When you are involved in the SEO flame or the word link building, the word black hat SEO does not come to the forefront of the word. Did you know it is any? Because everyone tries to avoid it! But everyone says so. Black hat SEO techniques

But do not try to avoid it! Some people partner with it to increase the quality of their site!
They build links in this way and try to increase their income! But not everyone who is a big online marketer does this black hat SEO! Not always some time!
But let me say one thing!

If you are enrolled in an online training center but they will not tell you anything about Black Hat SEO! In other words, they do not feel the need to inform!

Today I will try to give you at least some ideas about Blackhat SEO! Although there are many techniques! But I will discuss some important techniques!
There are usually two types of SEO techniques, one is White Hat SEO and the other is Black Hat SEO!

Although talking about white hat SEO is not the subject of my post! Still, I have to say something!

White hat SEO

White hat SEO is the SEO that is done following the guidelines of search engines.
The most important of these guidelines is “Build your website for the benefit of the people, not the search engines”.
Basically, backlinks, keyword research, link popularity, link building, etc. are white hat SEO. White hat SEO can be called ethical SEO.

Black Hat SEO

Black SEO is the SEO that is done without following the rules of search engine optimization to be on the first page of the search engine not for the welfare of the people.
Simply put, it can be said that doing anything dishonestly, that is, increasing the ranking in search engines without benefiting the people is called Black Hat SEO!

Although it is dishonest work so it is called unethical SEO!
Black hat SEO is done in many ways and if you hear their names, you will think that these are definitely dishonest things! One of which is keyword stuffing, cloaking, doorway pages, invisible text, spamming backlinks, etc.!
Although all of this is spamming, that is, these search engines aboed! Because these are just the opposite of search engine policy!
These approaches are called unethical SEO!

However, one of your biggest disadvantages is that your website can be dropped from search engines at any time!
Because no one wants to break their policy and stay in their own position! Because everything has a rule!

Link firm

For example, you created 10-15 websites! It’s not a bad thing at all, but you used it badly!

Now tell me, what is the bad thing?

If you want to make these 10-15 websites your link-building machine then this is Black Hat SEO!
Suppose you give a link from one website to another website to increase backlinks. And thus wanted to create backlinks! This is the link firm!

Search engines think of such work as spam!
So if you do these things then one day or another you will be caught by search engines and they will remove your websites from their search rankings!

Doorway page

For example, if you want to go to a good place in search engines without any effort, because of which you wrote an article with many keywords!
This is why you gave links to many websites in your post! Due to this, even if any visitor lands on your website to read the post, he cannot stay on your website!

He is being redirected to another website! Search engines recognize it as spam!

This is why you should always try to avoid these tasks! If you are not able to write, then try to highlight what you can in your post!
Otherwise, the search engine will think it is black hat SEO and you will move away from your ranking!

Black hat SEO techniques that you should avoid

What word stuffing

If you publish your post on any keyword! But if you just write keywords in the post without writing the main topic then it is called keyword stuffing!
If you do this then you can come to the first page of the search engine very easily! But you can maintain your ranking as long as the search engine doesn’t guess it right!

So always refrain from doing such things! And always try to write any article while maintaining keyword density!
Doing so will take a long time to reach your rankings, but it will last a long time ”!

Invisible text

What do we mean by invisible? Certainly, things that are not normally visible!
In the same way, suppose you have overused keywords to match your web background color.

That means you used a lot of keywords using the color of your website! Although not everyone saw these keywords!

They said goodbye to your website after reading their main points! Although it is not able to see any normal visitors! Yet search engines can guess it very easily!
Even if you reach a good ranking by doing this, your ranking will not last long! You will drop the ranking only when the search engine guesses it! Because it belongs to Black Hat SEO!


Cloaking is a technique or method that will show one type of content to the search engine and another type of content to the user.

Even if it is said to be a kind of fucking search engine, it will not be less! Now the thing that I will clear to you is that people work in search engines and with it search engine bots/crawlers/spiders/scooters.

Understand that search engines are many times smarter than you! Because when you submit your post, this post has to go through these five! Now for example! If you write content like this, what will the search engine do when it shows the same thing to everyone on the search engine! Definitely consider it spam and give a penalty in your ranking! Because this is a method of Black Hat SEO! Try to avoid it!

Keyword density

Keyword density is the number of keywords used in any of your posts! That means how many keywords you are using for every 100 words!
It is often seen that more than 3 keywords are used in 100 words in many posts! It’s spam! You will refrain from it!

Moreover, it belongs to Black Hat SEO! That means you have to use your assigned keyword at least 3 times for every 100 words! Not more than that!

Black hat SEO techniques that you should avoid

Content copy

We all have ideas about copy! This is content that is first published on one website and then copied and published on another site!
This means that when a search engine crawls your post, if it is published on another website, it will be considered as a copy!

If you did this copyright 10-12 years ago, that’s fine! It can do no harm to your rankings! Because then the algorithm was not so hard!
But if you now copy and paste a post and publish it on your website! Then it will be considered copyright and you will never go to a good ranking!

In addition, you can put your site at greater risk by being penalized by Google Panda. Because it belongs to the Black Hat SEO technique!

Commenting spam

When you like or dislike a post given to them after visiting a website, you must want to make a good or bad comment about it!
Moreover, you will get a comment box at the bottom of all the posts for your comments! Although it’s not a bad thing!

But it will only get worse when you provide links to your website to promote your site!
Search engines consider it spam because it is part of the Black Hat SEO techniques! So you should refrain from these.

Black hat SEO techniques that you should avoid



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