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Rank YouTube videos by group marketing!

Rank YouTube videos by group marketing

Earlier I did a post on YouTube Marketing. After reading that post, I request you to read this post, then it will be useful for you to understand the whole matter.

YouTube video marketing, video ranking, SEO are all intertwined.

But how saturated?

Let’s start with SEO, we all know the full form and definition of SEO. Search Engine Optimization is the full form of SEO.

That is, the tags or keywords that are searched the most on a topic on YouTube are exactly the keywords that you use in that topic-related video. There are many more aspects of SEO. But this is the essence of SEO.

There are countless posts on Binoraj to do SEO properly so I don’t check on that.

Rank YouTube videos by group marketing

Well, just by doing SEO, is it possible to Rank YouTube videos by group marketing?

I will not say! Because there are already many videos related to that topic. And those videos are top listed in the rankings. In the midst of so many videos, there is always a doubt about your video.

This is how I define SEO. Using the top tags of a topic in your video on YouTube, searching on YouTube with those tags, your video will complete SEO when your video is viewed, again and again, your video will take place in the top list in YouTube search engine…

And then your subscribe views will keep coming. Your videos will be suggested to its members from YouTube.

But the question is who will watch your video using those tags ?? There are many videos related to that topic on YouTube?

You have to complete this work. However, if you do not follow some rules, your channel may be spammed and YouTube may cancel the channel.

Whatever you can do?

1. First you can open a group of 10 people.

2. Each group member will consistently share his or her video information with the group.


  • Top 10 tags in the video
  • Channel Name
  • Video upload date
  • Video length
  • Video thumbnails

(It is better not to share the video link)

With this information, when each member finds each other’s videos on YouTube, the rank of each video will continue to increase.

However, the question is, what is the proof that each member has done each other’s work with faith.

I hope you have understood this issue if you have been added to various YouTube-related messenger groups.

So you can read this post of mine for proof of work. A very important setting on YouTube is “Stats For Nerds” which you can use as proof. How to turn it on? What does it do? Everything is detailed in my post.

The way you use Stats For Nerds is to follow a rule

1. Like and comment after watching every 2000 frames

2. Subscribe to the channel after 4000 frames

3. 4-5 seconds before the end of the video, that is, if it is 6000 frames, take a screenshot and take a screenshot of the comment.

4. Then watch another video in the same process from the suggested video on the same channel.

You can share these screenshots with each other as proof.

I have a new group. Those of you who are new to YouTubers can work with me if you are interested.
My Facebook ID

You can see that the whole issue has been highlighted in the form of a demo in the video. Rotate your phone to see fullscreen

Rank YouTube videos by group marketing


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