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How to increase AdSense ad revenue?

How to increase AdSense ad revenue?

If you are a blogger or have monetized your site through AdSense, Media Net, or any other ad network then this post is for you. If you want to affiliate with Amazon, you can toonize the info content through this ad network,

Proper ad placement is the main condition of income in Adsense or other ad networks. If you have an AdSense account or have monetized your site through another network, the first things you need to pay attention to are:

  • Ad placement
  • Ed size and
  • Latest ad types
  • Ad placement
How to increase AdSense ad revenue?

If you can’t do ad placement properly, the chances of getting an impression on your ad unit will decrease. Now the question may come in which position Ed actually works well. The question is simple but the answer is not easy. One user needs to place the ad in one place. Ad’s position largely depends on the user. Depending on which part of your article the user stays longer. And it is difficult to solve the matter manually.

Also, testing the position in which Ed is doing well is needed. Which we can do through AB testing. It’s not just Ed, it’s everything from the position of the image in the post. And since the size of all our articles is not the same, it is not possible to place the ad position in the same style everywhere.

Ad size: AdSense does not always show Responsive Ads in the right position. It feels better to show small rectangular, square ed instead of full-width ed in one place at a time. That is not possible in Responsive. Again, if you do not use Responsive Ads, ads on mobile or different devices become a cause of annoyance.

Ad Types: Suppose today I visited a site and after clicking on the link there, I realized that it is basically an advertisement. If I visit the same site the next day, I will not naturally click on the previous ad or link ad. Why not answer this question in one sentence, it is that the layout of the site has been memorized, we can easily catch which ad and which is the original content.

Another common problem in AdSense is ad limit, fake clicks, etc. The result is to be at risk all the time with your income.

Ezeic may be one of the many solutions to this problem.

Ezekiel Review
In a nutshell, Ezekiel is Google’s publishing partner. Apart from Ezek, there are many other partners like Media Net and Google Publishing Partner. You can increase the revenue of your site by using Izik.

Eligibility to apply at Ezekiel
If you want to apply to EZY, you only need a minimum of 10,000 monthly organic visitors, then you can apply to EZY. Also, since Ezek is a publisher partner of Google, you have to follow all the rules and regulations of Google Adsense. If you have more than 10 thousand organic visitors monthly then you can join EZI. However, if you have a pop-up national ad before adding Izayi, remove it
Features of Ezekiel
Although it is an ad company, Ezoy has a lot of great features. Below I am discussing the main features.

1. Big Data Analytics: Izzy has Big Data Analytics. Through this, you will be able to know the data of analytics as well as innumerable other information. For example, how many thousands of word content is performing well, or how long-aged content is performing well, many more things including various factors of SEO.

2. Free SSL, CDN, and WordPress Hosting: Ezek offers free SSL, CDN, and WordPress hosting to its users. Easy has the advantage of unlimited bandwidth and spacing.

Also staying

AD TESTER Ezek will test the ad himself in different positions and according to the user’s cookies, he will show the ad in one position for each one. A / B testing will show ads to the user in the right place.

Their Artificial Intelligence team works on how to maximize AdSense revenue through AD MEDIATION Header Bidding. In this case, Ezekiel must be associated with Adsense. Which is completely safe.

There are also many more features like AMP Converter, LayOut Tester, PWA Converter, etc. You can see through the image below…

How to increase AdSense ad revenue?
increase AdSense ad revenue

How to join Izzy
Sign up

After signing up, you have to fill in the relevant name of your site.
In the meantime, an account manager will knock you in the mail. Find read access to your analytics in the mail they provide. If the account manager doesn’t knock you out, you can mail yourself to [email protected] to speed things up.
He will notify you in the mail to approve the account.
Then you need to apply Google Double Click. For that, you have to apply in the prescribed form on their site. The account manager will help you with this.
To approve the account, you have to change the name server of your site and put the name server of Ezek. DNS will be fully propagated within 24 hours. There is no reason to be afraid, the site will not be down for 1 minute.
Once the account is set up, your account manager will set the ad placeholder manually. If you want, you can also set it yourself using the Google extension.

Earning will begin
My personal experience

I currently have 6 sites in Izzy. Compared to Adsense’s income, my personal income has almost tripled due to Ezike. I have been using Izik since September 2016.
Payment Method: If you want payment from Ezek, you can bring it to Pioneer or PayPal. Payment within 26-27 of every month. Much like AdSense. However, the minimum payment isĀ  20USD

How to increase AdSense ad revenue?

If you have any questions about Ezekiel, you can do so directly on our Facebook group.

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