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Google Site Kit WordPress Plugin Release

Google Site Kit WordPress Plugin Release

Google released a WordPress plugin for website and blog owners yesterday. Of course, the developer/beta version was there long ago. But, this time it is stable!

Name: Site Kit (Google Site Kit)
Download link

What can be done or available with this plugin?

  1. Search console data
  2. Google Analytics data
  3. Google AdSense data
  4. Google PageSpeed ​​Data
  5. Tag Manager
  6. Google optimized data.

So, from now on you just need to install the site kit, no need to use any plugin for Google Analytics separately. No need to log in to Search Console and Google AdSense separately, PageSpeed ​​Data and Google Optimized Data will automatically show up on your WordPress dashboard.

I hope you can use this plugin.

Share it with everyone.

Google Site Kit WordPress Plugin Release

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