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Create your own leaching remote uploading site

Create your own leaching remote uploading site

Today I will teach you how you can create your own leaching or remote uploading site. More or less everyone knows what leeching or remote upload is. However, many may not be familiar with the word “leach”.

Let’s get acquainted with Leach or Remote Upload.

What is Remote Upload or Leech?

Remote Upload or URL Upload is what we usually call Leech. What we usually mean by leach or remote upload is to move files from one server to another remotely. In other words, uploading a file to your site without downloading it to your computer. Do you understand now?

Let me explain to him a little more-

We usually upload any file directly from the computer to our site i.e. our host/server. This means that the file is uploaded to the host/server using our net speed and bandwidth. But uploading a file with Remote Upload or URL Upload does not cost your own net bandwidth.
Uploading / downloading a file costs the server’s net connection and bandwidth. In other words, files are transferred from one site to another. The servers usually have a net connection of 100mbps. So any file is downloaded/uploaded to the server at the fastest speed.

Suppose you have two computers in your home (the two computers are being compared to two sites). And the computer has two networking. This allows you to instantly transfer files from one computer to another without a pen drive (Internet connection). And if there was no networking, you would have to move files from one computer to another with the help of a pen drive (Internet connection) or CD. Which is limited in the space of the pen drive and is quite time-consuming. Leaching or Remote Upload is just like that. That is two or more networking computers.

If you want to upload to different file-sharing sites, you will see the option called Remote Upload or URL Upload. Clicking there gives a direct download link for a file and the file is uploaded to the file-sharing site.

Create your own leaching remote uploading site


If you have a movie-sharing site, you can easily understand how important and useful Leach or Remote Upload is. Again, those who are crazy about downloading also understand the need for the thing. Almost all file-sharing sites offer leaching or remote uploading, but they have many limitations. As a result, there are many difficulties.

Today’s tutorial allows you to create your own remote uploading site where you can upload as you wish without limits (depending on hosting).

Many of us do not have hosting to create our own site. Some are 200 MB, some are 500, some are 1 GB, some are 5 GB and some are unlimited space. For those who have 1 GB or less of hosting space, it is possible to use the whole space, but in most cases, for those of us who do not have hosting with 5 GB or more of space, most of the space is not used.

You can create a Remote Upload site by using that unused space. As a result, the place is used instead of falling and you also benefit. Isn’t that so?

RapidLeech Script

The RapidLitch script is basically a PHP script. With the help of this we can create this remote upload or leaching site. This script is currently available for free. However, as there is no good tutorial in English and Bengali, many people cannot use this script. I myself confessed its suffering. I didn’t really know about this script. I suddenly felt the need for such a thing due to various restrictions on download and speed limitations. So Google has a lot of trouble typing and searching a lot.

I found out the name of this script. But to no avail. I was in real danger when I downloaded and installed the script. There is no way to escape from danger because I could not find any good tutorials. After a week or so, I finally succeeded. That day I hummed happily for a long time.

However, you don’t have to waste time or do anything like me. Just read the whole tutorial patiently. If you have trouble understanding any place, you must know by commenting.


Hopefully, by now you understand what a remote upload or leaching thing is and why it is needed. Now let us know if there is only remote uploading or some other benefits in this script?

  • You can take a screenshot of a video file remotely by uploading it to your server.
  • A total of 161 files can be uploaded remotely to the hosting site
  • You can download YouTube videos directly with the download link
  • You can check the live/dead links of more than 30 sites.
  • It has a small note option where you can take notes as you like
  • You can download any file directly to your server with a premium account and much more

Installation tutorial

The maximum number of files that can be uploaded to a remote upload site will depend on your hosting space.

This means that if you take 5 GB of hosting, you can upload a maximum of 5 GB to your site.
If it is 10 GB then you can upload 10 GB. And if it is unlimited then you can upload many files. But there is no such thing as Unlimited in the good world.

Everything has a limit. Basically Unlimited means a lot more. That means there are so many spaces that you can’t use them alone. And yes hosting should have more bandwidth. Because if you download something from your site to your computer, it will cost you bandwidth.


You must have some prior experience to create this leaching or remote uploading site. E.g.

  • Concepts and uses of Cpanel
  • Using Cpanel’s file manager
  • Ideas about PHP (if you want to further customize the site)

Materials required:

  • More hosting space
  • A domain or sub-domain
  • RapidLitch script (download link)


1. First login to your C panel and access your file manager.

2. Upload the downloaded RapidLeech script

( to your domain’s main / root i.e. www or public Html directory or sub-domain’s root directory.

3. Extract the script

( after uploading. You can delete the zip file ( at the end of the extract.

4. Of the files/folders that can be found after extraction,

a total of four folders need to be permitted 0777. Click the numbers below the Perms to change the permissions.

Permission for files/folders marked in the screenshot below is 0777

Now enter the rar folder and give permission to all the files inside 0777

5. Diameter work done.

Now you visit your domain or sub-domain and see your remote upload site!

Now start non-stop remote uploading. And download any file/movie from your site to your computer with lifetime resume support.

How to use:

This script is very easy to use. If you already use the remote upload facility of other file hosts, it will be more useful for you to understand.

How to bring files from another server to your site’s server, that is, download remotely to the server

Direct download links are always required for remote downloads on the server. Give a direct link to Link to Transload and click on Transload File. [You can use the link as a test. ]

The file will be downloaded to your server shortly. Now click on Go back to main and click on Server Files. Now you can download the file to your computer from there if you want.

How to download to the server using a premium account:

Direct links are not usually available from sites such as Filesonic, RapidShare, or HotFile. And if you do not get the direct download link, you will never be able to download the file to the server. However, there is a great way to download files to the server with a premium account!

  • Give your download link in Link to Transload. The link http: // must be deleted from the link.
  • Check the User & Pass (HTTP / FTP) checkbox and enter your premium account ID and password.
  • Tick Disable All Plugin from the following Plugin Options

Click on Transload.

You can view this image as an example (click here).

How to upload files from your server to another file hosting site

All the files that you download to your site/server from other servers/sites can be found by clicking on the Server Files menu. From there you can download files or upload them to another file host.

1. Check the file you want to upload from Server Files to another file hosting site (you can select more than one). And select Upload from the Action menu.

2. You can upload a total of more than 150 file-sharing sites. Now select the file you want to upload to the file-sharing site and click upload. [Note: You can see in brackets the maximum file size that a site can upload.]

3. A pop-up window will appear, enter your username and password registered on that file-sharing site. And click upload.

4. At the end of the upload you will be given the download link of the uploaded file. Now you can share that link anywhere.

How to create a movie thumbnail:

This feature is most important for those who have created a movie sharing site as a hobby. Moreover, it is also very useful for branding your site. Movie Thumbnail option only .3gp .3g2 .asf .avi .dat .divx .dsm .evo .flv .m1v .m2ts .m2v .m4a .mj2 .mjpg .mjpeg .mkv .mov .mov .mp4 .mpg .mpeg .mpv .nut .ogg .ogm .qt .swf .ts .vob .wmv .xvid can create thumbnails from video files.

1. First, click the Movie Thumbnail option on the left side of your homepage.

2. Now select the thumbnail of the video file you want to take. And click on Generate

3. Diameter thumbnail of your movie appeared!

Create your own leaching remote uploading site

How to Unrar, Unzip, Merge, Split, Rename, Delete a file

Movies or other large files from different sites are usually downloaded in part. This script allows you to pair those parts online. In many cases, it is not possible to upload large files as there is an upload limit on different file-sharing sites. That’s why you need to share and upload. You also need to rename the files for branding your site. You can do that with this script. And I know why it is necessary to delete unnecessary files.

To Unrar, Unzip, Merge, Split, Rename, Delete any file, go to Server Files and select one or more files and take the action of your choice.


The above shots were the main ones in using the script. There are several more features. Look at the left side of the homepage. There are three options Auto Transload, Auto Upload, and Notes.

Auto Transload: This option allows you to download multiple links simultaneously.

Auto Upload: This option allows you to upload the same file to multiple file-sharing sites at the same time.

Notes: Clicking here will bring up a pop-up where you can save something by typing it.

A few tips:

  1. If there is a problem downloading any file on the server, you can try it by ticking Disable All Plugin from Plugin Options
  2. To download a video from YouTube to your site’s server, link to the YouTube video in Link to transload and click on Transload. Diameter download complete!
  3. If you do not have a password on your site, everyone will be able to use the site. Since you have limited space, it is better not to open it to the public.
    So you can keep the password in your domain with the help of the password-protected direct feature from cPanel. So that no one but you can enter that site.

Special Note:

Creating a remote upload site with this script requires a lot of space-rich hosting. And usually hosting with more space costs a lot. So if anyone needs low-cost hosting just to create a site with this script, you can contact me.

I will give 10 GB of space (unlimited bandwidth) for only 1000 rupees. Those interested can know the details by clicking here.

Create your own leaching remote uploading site


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