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An Easy Way to Prevent Facebook Hacking Tips

An Easy Way to Prevent Facebook Hacking

Hackers have made hacking into people’s personal information virtually useless. Almost every day one or another site or social profile, a page is being hacked. It is almost heard among friends that his Facebook account has been hacked today.

Statistics show that at least one out of every 3 Facebook users has been hacked. This number is even higher in European countries.

With all this in mind, the Facebook authorities have made some changes in the internal setting to strengthen the security of Facebook. From now on, Facebook users will get alerts from Facebook in the new setting if they try to hack their Facebook account.

Here’s what you need to do to prevent hacking:

First, you have to go to the Facebook settings option. If you click there you will get security settings. If you click on the security settings option, you will get many options. From there go to the login alerts option. Go to the login alerts option and click on the edit option. Go to the edit option and select the notification option.

Once you select it, you will be notified when someone unique goes to log in to your Facebook account. After that, even if the hacker wants to hack your Facebook account, all his plots will fail. Because you will get an alert message.

An Easy Way to Prevent Facebook Hacking


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