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Guinness chest with broom in the street

Guinness chest with broom in the street

Vadodara, ranked No. 10 as the cleanest city in India, has set a new record. To make Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Transparent India campaign a success, the largest number of citizens in one place worked together to clean the streets. On Sunday, Vadodara wrote his name in the Guinness Book of World Records. News of Hindustan Times.

Vadodara Municipal Commissioner Binod Rao said about 5,056 people swept together a one-kilometer-long bridge connecting Akotak to Dandia Bazar. They do this by breaking into 50 teams.

Vinod Rao said, ‘The event was organized with the joy of being ranked number ten as the cleanest city in the country. Now our only goal is to write our name in the number one country. ‘About 50,000 people witnessed the operation on Sunday. At the end of the ceremony, the judge gave a testimonial on behalf of Guinness World Records.

Guinness chest with broom in the street




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