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How to make a new gig on Fiverr

How to make a new gig on Fiverr

The first step gig on Fiverr

In the Overview section, you first need to enter a Gig title. The gig begins with the word ‘I will, usually on fiber. For example, if you are a logo designer, then your gig will be ‘I will Design a Logo for your company’.

That means you have to arrange your gig with a sentence consistent with the word ‘I will’. Then you have to select the section and subdivision of the gig. In the Type of Service section, you need to select the type of service you are interested in working with. Then in the Gig Metadata section, you have to select the options that are compatible with Gig.

Now you have to give 6 tags that are compatible with Gig. In this case, you can get an idea by looking at the tags given by those who work with the type of gig that you will create. However, never copy or copy someone’s gig, as this may result in the cancellation of your account. When this part is finished, you have to save and click on the Continue option.

The second step gig on Fiverr

In the pricing section, you need to create Gig packages, that is, create three separate packages for the service you provide. You can also make a package if you want, but it is better to have three packages for Gig. After creating the package, you have to mention their names, what kind of services the clients will get, as well as how many days it will take for each package.

At the bottom of each package will show several options. Now you have to specify separately how much money you will take to use the packages. You can also provide additional services with the packages if you want. For this, you have to enter the name of the helpful services in the extra service option and select the save and continue option.

The third step gig on Fiverr

In the description section, you will need to enter detailed information about the gig you created. You must specify what your gig can be used for, what kind of support the client will receive after purchase, or how long the after-sales service will last. If you want, you can read the information given by those who make gigs like gigs made by you. Then you have to write the answers to the questions that clients usually ask about Gig. Answers to a maximum of 10 questions can be added in this section.

The fourth step gig on Fiverr

When ordering a gig in the Requirements section, you need to specify the type of information or source you will need. For example, if a client buys your gig for web design, you will need to provide information about the domain and hosting of their website, as well as the necessary pictures or articles. Because, without this information, you will not be able to follow his instructions at the specified time. Your gig will not be able to order if a client refuses to provide information if you mention the issues in advance in the Requirements section.

Fifth step gig on Fiverr

In the Image Gallery section, you can add a video and three pictures that are compatible with your service. The pictures should be such that by looking at them the clients can get a good idea about your service. Gig’s basic information in the image should be written in text form as well as auxiliary images or icons should be used.

Gig images are very important, so try to make the quality of gig images better. This section provides you with an overview of the Fiber image usage policy for improving the quality of gig image of sellers. You can follow the policy if you want to create a good quality gig image.

Below the Gallery section, you can add two PDF documents. As a result, if you want, you can create documents about your various works and add them in PDF format, which will serve as your professional portfolio.


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