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How to permanently delete your Facebook account?

How to permanently delete your Facebook account?

Following the recent Facebook data scandal, many Facebook users around the world have expressed panic over having their information on Facebook. Many Facebook users have stopped using Facebook. Many users want to permanently delete all their personal information on Facebook. But we all know that it is easy to delete any information from Facebook, but it is very difficult to do it at work.

If you use Facebook to connect with friends and don’t want your information to fall into the hands of developers, you can disconnect all third-party sites from your Facebook account settings. But even after this, if you think that you want to delete your profile permanently, then keep reading this report below.

1. Download your Facebook data

After deleting it permanently, you may endanger any of your Facebook data if you need it later. So it is better to keep a backup of all the information on Facebook before deleting it permanently. If you click on the title bar of Facebook and go to settings and click on ‘Download a copy of your Facebook data, all your personal Facebook information will be downloaded to your computer.

2. Delete photos and posts

After deleting your Facebook account, it takes up to 90 days for all posts and photos to be deleted. And even after deleting your profile, if you don’t like having your personal information on Facebook like this, you can delete all your Facebook information automatically. Multiple Facebook posts can be deleted simultaneously through a Google Chrome plug-in called “Social Book Post Manager”. You can back up your Facebook personal information in the manner mentioned above and delete all your Facebook posts through this plug-in. However, before deleting, keep in mind that once deleted, there is no way to bring back this post.

3. Delete Facebook account

After deleting the post with your data backup, now you have to go to the Facebook account deletion page. Facebook doesn’t want you to go to this page so finding this page in settings is a little time-consuming. Then go to this page and click on ‘Delete My Account to delete the account permanently.

How to permanently delete your Facebook account?

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