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Corona man-made virus says the discoverer of HIV

Corona man-made virus says the discoverer of HIV

Everyone is skeptical about the epidemic in China. Many have complained that the coronavirus is not a real cause but a man-made biochemical bomb. This time, Luke Montagnier, the inventor of HIV / AIDS, is claiming that corona is a man-made virus. The Corona man-made virus says the discoverer of HIV

From the beginning, China has been saying that the coronavirus is a product of the change in nature. The origin of the coronavirus is from a wildlife market in Uhan. However, this has been complained about more than once.

HIV discoverer said. Corona is a man-made virus, says Luke Montagnier. The virus came out of the lab by accident. Meanwhile, Chinese researchers have admitted that they used the coronavirus to make an HIV vaccine.

The Nobel laureate says the coronavirus was created in his lab and that they were working on an AIDS vaccine. Luke Montagnier says the lab is primarily for creating coronaviruses.

“I have carefully analyzed the genome details of the RNA virus in consultation with my colleagues,” he said in an interview.

Indian researchers have already tried to bring to light the results of the analysis where it was found that the genome of the HIV virus has reached the stage of HIV virus. But under pressure, they failed to bring the results of the investigation to the fore.

Corona man-made virus says the discoverer of HIV

Source: Time TV Online


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